Sunday, September 6, 2009

New and Well

Well first of all, Shelby is 100% BETTER! She was switched to a Lactose-free, Milk-based formula (Similac Sensitive) and it's doing wonders!!! If anyone has coupons for this, I would greatly appreciate it! :) This formula is A LOT more expensive than the Parents Choice Soy she was on. There is a Parents Choice type of formula that is compared to Similac Sensitive so we may get it. I had to stay home w/ the poor baby half a day Wed. and all day Thursday and I think that helped her TREMENDOUSLY! She started this "I want mommy ONLY" thing when she's sick or fussy...She loves to play w/ daddy and others but when she's tired, sick or fussy, she wants her mommy. I'm sleepin w/ one of her blankies to get my "scent" all over it for her to have when I'm not around and she has these "episodes." we'll see if it works! LOL...
Well, I FINALLY took new pics of the Bizzy Bs product, Baby bedding. My first attempt at this went VERY WELL! I made Shelby's cradle bumper the day before we left for the hospital and it turned out beautifully so since it didn't take much time and turned out to be really easy and beautiful, I decided to add it to my product list!

God bless,

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Kecia said...

We are so happy thatshe is better now!!

God bless you all! You reativity still amaze us!!!

We love you all in Christ!