Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Woot Woot Wednesday...25 weeks

So... not a lot to be said other than I'm officially 25 weeks with little brother, I'm tired but not feeling sick anymore! :) Yeah!! Little Mr., who still remains nameless, loves to move around 24/7 and his favorite time is when I"m tryin to sleep... guess he's preparing me for our twilight dates. I'm so ready to see and hold this baby! He's the size of a Cauliflower now...

I've been an emotional wreck the last couple weeks and I'm chalkin it all up to pregnancy hormones.  Any little thing makes me cry.  I made the mistake of looking at old pictures of us and of Shelby when she was born til now and O M G... talk about self-mutilation! Josh has been SUPER BUSY traveling and with end of the year work things so I've been a puddle pretty much.
On a lighter note, here's some pictures from the last week and this week...

Ms. Brooke and some of shelby's classmates at PreK

Her first "School Picture"

Her "Max" masterpiece she made at Sade's bday party... the kids painted the canvas and dog and Miss Hannah "helped" with the black outlines and writing

my little bug catcher and her millepede ON HER SHIRT... yes, i freaked out

Santa Paws

Still found time to add another millepede to her ensemble
 Our 2 days commercial/photography shoot in Hot Springs and Little Rock for SAU was a HUGE success! Here's a few pics I snapped w/ my phone while I wasn't using the Canon.
Molly Ann and Megan at Oaklawn

Molly liked the dirt at Oaklawn

Shelby convinced her daddy to buy her some new paints while mommy was away as an evening activity. :) he's such a great daddy!!

Molly Ann got to go into the Channel 7 Studio and Chris even rode her!!

my boss doing what he does best!

posing at the Capital
 I missed this little face SOOO much while I was gone, it was almost unbearable! I was only gone one night and 2 days but it was almost more than I could take. I'm gonna really miss our "Mommy & Me Monday's" when she goes to Kindergarten this upcoming school year.

LOOVE this shot I took w/ my iPhone of her

I found this picture of Hadley and Shelby and almost died at the cuteness and then sobbed at how small they were...
 Shelby and I attend a little girls devotional/get-together once a month on the last tuesday of each month that we call, "Faith Friends," at a friends house where we do a short devotional w/ the girls, an activity and then they get to just play and become acquainted.  It's for girls that will be going to Kindergarten this upcoming school year.  Last month we discussed Monsters and how they aren't real and if we're scared to always pray to God and He's always there to protect us.  We were all proud of our little girls and their answers to what to do if we're scared.  They got to dress up in their costumes then.
October Faith Friends
Last night, this month's, we discussed what we're thankful for, what thanksgiving truly is and what we should thank God for.  They all colored their own turkey and then we helped write down the things they're most thankful for. It was so sweet.

and they're all turkey's! shelby (top left corner) was too tickled to pose as a turkey

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Attention SAU Alumni & Friends!!

Today's Woot Woot Wednesday is special because it's about someone near and dear to my family, the SAU Mascot, the Mulerider...

Mulerider mascot to ride across Hot Springs, AR & Little Rock, AR Today and Tomorrow!

Megan Maye, the Southern Arkansas University Mulerider, is saddling up Molly Ann, SAU’s statuesque mule, for a ride across Arkansas to celebrate SAU’s record enrollment this fall. Be on the lookout for Molly’s trailer on the road or for Megan and Molly at key locations in Hot Springs and Little Rock.

SAU’s award-winning video production crew will be filming the famous duo in Hot Springs on Wednesday, November 13, and in Little Rock that evening and into the following day on Thursday, November 14 (see a more detailed itinerary below).

SAU has one of the most unique mascots in the United States, and the footage will be used for SAU’s next commercial highlighting the University’s broadening reach across Arkansas, representing 64 out of the state’s 75 counties. The video is scheduled to debut at the Chenal 9 IMAX Theatre on December 6, 2013.

You are invited to come out and help make the Mulerider’s road trip a memorable one! While this may not be the first ride out of Magnolia for the Mulerider to commemorate the spread of Mulerider pride, the buzz around the recent Texarkana trip was such a success that the SAU crew couldn’t resist the call to bring the Mulerider to the spa city and the capital.

Come out,  share the  Mulerider spirit, and win prizes. One lucky onlooker will be the winner of an iPad! Snap a photo, post it with the “#ISpyMolly” hashtag on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, and you’re instantly entered to win.

Below is the itinerary for the trip. Exact times and locations are subject to change, but the itinerary will be updated online as the trip progresses with more specific times for the various locations. For more information about the trip, itinerary, and the iPad contest, visit the Mulerider “on the Road” site.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

11 a.m.       Load up Molly Ann and depart for I-30 at
                   Prescott toward Hot Springs
2 p.m.         Arrive at Oaklawn in Hot Springs for first
                   video shoot
3 p.m.         Downtown Hot Springs to get Molly Ann
                   on Bathhouse Row
4 p.m.         Arkansas School for Mathematics,
                   Sciences and the Arts

Thursday, November 14, 2013

6:45 a.m.      Daybreak - KATV Channel 7
7 a.m.           Clinton Library parking area
7:30 a.m.      River Market
10 a.m.         Arkansas State Capitol
11:00 a.m.    River Market
2 p.m.           Riverfront Park, North Little Rock
5 p.m.           Big Rock, VA Hospital

I am sooo proud to be apart of such a great department with such unique, exciting, positive, creative and fun events to promote SAU!  I feel as if I have the best of both worlds; I work 3 days and I'm a SAHM the other 4 days! God is good and has been so great to us!
if you see us tomorrow, don't forget to #ispymolly ! :) you could win that iPad!! :)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

SAU Homecoming

This weekend was a whirlwind of activities and events for SAU's Homecoming, so much so, I over-did it and had to leave one event and go home for the night and rest.  I've been having Braxton Hicks contractions (No this is not little brother's name... I've been asked this a lot for some reason.. lol ) and some painful ones at that! Anyhoo....
Shelby cheered w/ her dance studio, KDAS, Saturday at Homecoming at the Pep Ralley... She had a blast but was mad she didn't get to cheer at the football game. LOL.... bless her heart!
She was soo cute, I must say! It was SOOO COLD Saturday so I refused to let her bare arms and legs get cold and us have a week of recovery so I put her in black under clothes... sue me LOL....
so proud of her Homecoming Mum

Gigi and Sheebs had to check out all the cookers at Mulegating

crushing acorns w/ her cheer friend


Sophie and Shelby

Best Buds

They loved watching the SAU Cheerleaders

She made her own line... haha

My little Phi Mu legacy!