Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween 2013!

Shelby had a blast yesterday at school and last night trick or treating. 
At school she had a party and the local fire department came and they got to meet the fire house mascot, the dog (don't know his name lol ) the time we picked her up from PreK, she was sooo tired from school she was fussy most of the time we drug her all over town to the trunk or treats and to the few select houses we were to trick or treat. Overall, it was a success and fun. :)
Our little growing family at SAU's Boo in the Barnyard...Thanks Aaron for the great pic!

Cutest, strongest, most amazing super hero I know! Super Sheebs!

Super Sheebs got to ride Molly Ann! Her dream is to be the Mulerider and this is close to how she'll be one day!

I painted a shirt for me and little man to wear for all the event last night.. had to add the red hair for flare!

See how cute he is! :) and what's funny is this is EXACTLY how he's laying and positioned

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