Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Last day of 2nd Grade

Shelby and Rhett had their last day of school and 1st day of summer! I can't believe Shelby is finished w/ 2nd Grade! :( Rhett will start "Pre-Pre-K" in August where shelby goes to after school care. I'm sad he'll be leaving Miss Liz but it's time. I remember these feelings when Shelby stopped goin to Miss Minna and started at a preschool. Kids growing up sucks!!!!
Shelby had the best teacher ever this year and we are so so thankful for Mrs. Wooley and all she did for our Shelby. She is going to have her 1st baby this December! Shelby and the "crew" all checked out of the last day of school early for a Last Day Fun Day at Berkeley's!

Memorial Day weekend was spent making the final updates to the flowerbeds and backyard and then we went fishing. Shelby & Rhett had a blast on his first fishing trip! Shelby caught 1 bass at Mr. Doughnuts pond and then we went to SAU's Engineering pond and we caught 8! They loved it!! We went to Texarkana Sunday afternoon to celebrate Gigi and Gramps 35 anniversary. Monday, we went to Mammy & Pop Pop's for the kids to play and just be kids :).


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Texarkana Paint the Town

This past weekend we had a 2 full day horse show where there was one full show one day and then another full show the next day. It was so fun and tiresome but luckily it was just an hour away in Texarkana. Shelby and Hershey did sooooo sooo well and placed Reserve and Reserve Circuit Champion overall! Mr. Alan had to leave for his oldest son's graduation festivities and we handled ourselves very well. Horse show competitors are family. We may all compete but when there's help needed, everyone pitches in! Thank you so much to Stoney Wildes entire "family" for all your help over the weekend. I learned a lot about myself that I didn't know.

 One of my favorite moments from last year's Paint the Town show in Texarkana. A moment Mr. Alan and Shelby shared. I don't know what they were talking about but they were both smiling ear to ear. :)