Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nora Bag

Well, Dee Dee now has a new home full of love and attention. A friend of mine that I've sewn for came w/ 2 of her 3 girls & her mom to see him and fell in love w/ him and he fell in love w/ them and actually ran and jumped in their car. It was precious and made this transition soooo much easier and great for me. I am so thrilled to see him so happy and loved by such a sweet family! Thanks again Ashley C!

Well I got 2 bags & 2 wipe cases finished yesterday! One is the turquoise & brown paisley bag that I've done previously and a wipe case to match but the other is one of my new favorites and wish it was mine! LOL... I don't understand why it is when I make a bag and wipe case I end up falling head over hills w/ it but when I make one for me or anything for me for that matter, I am never 100% satisfied with it! LOL... anyhoo, I really can't wait to deliver it today!!

~God bless,

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dee Dee

Almost 8 years ago the sweetest, most loving, adorable little puppy came into my life and my 1st baby.
Dee\'s first picture

He & his brother were both going to be large Yorkshire Terriors so the breeder was selling Dee & his brother for $100. From day 1 he was sooo sweet and loyal to me. He's always been "My Dog" or as Josh says, "He's a woman's dog." He's not too keen on Josh but that's b/c he knows he has to share me w/ him. sweet....
Since Shelby's been born he's been very jealous. He's destroyed books & toys of Shelby's by marking his & has snapped at her several times and bit her once on the lip that we hope doesn't leave a scar. It's been rough since Shelby's been born basically caring for 2 kids and having to clean up after Dee and is jealous-rants. He really is a sweet dog and is soooo loving and is 95% nice to Shelby but I can't trust him w/ her when she's on the floor playing and I turn my back. I would die if something happened to her b/c of him. Shelby is not scared of him at all and that surprises me considering.
Josh and I have made the decision to give him away. He's 7 1/2 years old and doesn't skip a beat! He's still so energetic and loving. He's very sweet and simply gorgeous. He is a full-bred Yorkie but is 15 lbs. I he's like a large version of the little ones. He has such a gorgeous coat and sweet face I will never forget. I have a local friend coming to look at him today w/ her kids. He doesn't understand that Shelby can't play like older kids and when she pets him she slaps, which all babies do that, and he associates that w/ "Bad", as any dog would. This friend's kids are older and I think would be great w/ him. Please pray for my heart and that this transition is best and goes well.
I love you Dee Dee and always will and will miss you and am making sure you go to a good home w/ lots of love and attention. You will always be my 1st baby.

i\'m ready for my closeup!
Christmas 2005
~God bless,


Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend of 1st's

We went camping this weekend w/ Mammy & Pappy and had a good time. The weather was good, got a little hot, but it wasn't unbearable. It was too hot to lay out though :(..o well....However, Shelby enjoyed herself a lot! She wore her 1st swimsuit, which was a bikini from Pappy & got to "Swim" as well (Splash in a pool actually lol)....

Isn't she just PRECIOUS!! I am partial but come on?! lol....

I also got my 1st Coach bag from my Daddy!!! :) I feel kinda awkward carrying such an expensive bag but I love it and thank my parents soo much for being so good to me when I do not deserve it...
God is sooo at work! He has weaved me, Josh and a good friend of ours, Joana, together as a group to sing and honor Him and OH MY GOSH is it amazing! ONLY GOD b/c I'VE NEVER been able to sing harmony and now, it's like, I just get it....we've been singing in church for a little while together but have our first "gig" June 7th at Joana's dad's church for their revival! we are singing 8 songs I think! Only God can do this! we've been friends for years and never dreamed of this till one sunday we decided we'd sing a song and it just fit!! Please pray for God's glory to be shown through us to those who need to see Him.
~God bless,

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Angie Smith-Bring the Rain

*****update**** Praise God!! Charlotte & Angie are great! Go here to see pics!******************************
Angie Smith's (the wife of the lead male singer of Selah) blog was the first blog I followed and read when I was introduced to the blog world. I have followed her since I started blogging and she witnessed to me (unknowing to her) through my darkest days of infertility. I'm asking if you haven't read her journey or even her blog to start! You'll find such inspiration and strength in her words from the Lord God. Ok so the reason I'm blogging about her today and not my precious Shelby or my simplicity is b/c she NEEDS your prayers. If you've not read her journey from Audrey please go to her blog and catch up but this prayer request is for baby Charlotte. She was to be delivered via c-sec last night (5/19) at 10pm (Angie's birthday!)b/c of complications. This is what she wrote Monday (I apologize it's kinda long but I want you to get the information from her words not mine), "I apologize for the fact that there is going to be a lot going on in this post that you don't have background for. It's going to seem a little out of the blue, but the truth is I just haven't wanted to take you all on a roller-coaster ride unless I felt like there was good reason. You have shown me how much you care about my family and have earnestly prayed for us in the past and I don't want to insert drama where it's unnecessary.

The past several weeks have been a NIGHTMARE. I have been complaining to my OB about a myriad of bizarre things that are happening to me, and the bottom line is that my intuition (Mr. Holy Spirit...) has been urging me to keep investigating this stuff and now I understand why. I have had the most insane, frustrating, tortuous itching for several weeks. I have tried every trick in the book and nothing works. You know when you just know that something else is going on? Well, that's how I felt. I went to the hospital one night for several of the symptoms and they sent me home, unable to find anything of consequence. I had numerous tests done and this week, two of them (related to my liver) came back abnormally. They re-tested a few days later and it was still high.

I also had an ultrasound a few days ago that showed a slight (not concerning and very common) issue with Charlotte's kidney. Let's just say that when you are having an ultrasound to measure fetal movement and the tech keeps telling you how great everything looks, only to zoom in on the kidneys for no reason and start taking a million measurements will kind of freak someone out. And it doesn't help much that when your husband asks why she is looking at the kidneys, she becomes very stoic and tells you she can't discuss it and that my doctor will explain. I know they aren't supposed to say anything, and it wasn't her fault, but I just started bawling on the table and had to wait for her to do a million more measurements, all the while thinking it was what Audrey had.

It was not.

It is something that has to do with a little fluid being backed up in her kidney and there is absolutely no concern about it. In fact, it looked better today and there is every reason to believe it will remedy itself.

Well, a few weeks ago I started googling and everything I found pointed to this condition called ICP. I asked them to do a test, and although they didn't do it in the first round, they did agree to in the second round because they were looking for something to explain the liver issue.

I had another ultrasound today and Charlotte looks great. For those of you who are counting, I was 35 weeks on Saturday. They are estimating her to be 6 pounds already and the woman who did the scan has been doing it for 15 years and said she got fantastic measurements and believes it to be right on.

So, all good.

But then I saw my OB (I happen to really, really like her and she has been fantastic and empathetic during this whole ordeal) and she told me they knew why I was itching, and had received the bile test results that I pushed for. Well, guess what?

They aren't normal.

If you are a nurse, or in the medical field, you'll know the punchline to this story. There is an increased risk of stillbirth and a host of other things that are not really good things. I'm not freaking out but it is a little alarming being told you need to monitor the baby's movement and call if it feels like it has slowed down.

Because of the risks associated with this particular issue, they have made the decision to deliver Charlotte as soon as her lungs are mature. As it stands, I am having an amnio on Friday and if all is well, will have my c-section on Saturday (5/22).

I am relieved to have answers to this nagging feeling, but of course, based on my history, Satan would love to prey on my anxieties. I have tried to be really cautious sharing info because I am not a doctor and I felt like my assumptions could have been misleading. As a general rule, I don't like to do posts where I'm just pouting about something that is "uncomfortable." Especially when there are people all around me who have lost their houses and are in complete crisis trying to get on their feet. It just feels a little weird. But after today, knowing what the cause is and what the risks are (they are low, for the record...) I would really love to ask for your prayer about this. I want to be wise about how it's handled and make sure Charlotte is in good shape before she arrives, but I am also keenly aware that shortly it will be safe to say she will probably be better outside of me than inside.

So, that's the gist, friends. And also, kudos to my editor Jennifer. I was supposed to have a big book signing out of town this weekend and she had a catch in her spirit about it weeks ago and cancelled it :)

I will also need to go in Thursday for another ultrasound to check Charlotte's movement, and I will keep you all posted on how it goes. Every time I have typed Charlotte's name into this post I have started with "Aud..." and then caught myself. It is a strange and difficult place to feel some of the same helplessness I did with her, and honestly I have really struggled emotionally during these weeks as I have had to come face to face with some of the hurt I had filed away.

I'm pretty sure I am rambling, so I'll stop :) I'm going to take an oatmeal bath for the 400th consecutive time and pray that it brings a little relief. They have put me on medicine to help with this (I can't remember the name, it starts with an "A" I think?) so hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

He is Who He was before today.

I am reminding myself over and over that the truth is still the truth. It isn't somewhere I haven't been with Him already, and we'll get through.

In the meantime, could you pray for me and this sweet girl?

I'm crying because I know you will and I am so grateful for all of you...

Love to you all,

As of last night, She posted, " Last night was rough. Throwing up, itching, crying, and the feeling that something was NOT right.

So, this morning I called my OB and went ahead and scheduled some more blood tests and an ultrasound for today.

Because, you know, mothers have an intuition about these things.

Turns out my levels were so high that they don't think it's worth it to wait...and I agree. I feel total peace about it and that it is the right thing to do. We are praying about her lungs being developed but based on what they saw today, that was essentially irrelevant because the risk of her being inside was higher.


Miss Charlotte will be making her debut at 10 P.M. TONIGHT!!!!!! ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I'm not sure what emotion to feel and really am still in shock, but please, please pray for the whole thing to be uneventful as far as complications. I can't wait to get this girl in my arms.

I promise to keep you all updated (I have a couple friends who will be with me who I am sure will be more than happy to do the "play-by-play :)"

Wow. Quite a day.

Love to you all,
Ang "

I have not read an update since this so PLEASE PRAY all went well, which it's God's will so regardless IT IS GOOD! Thank you for following my simple blog that's not anything special but hopefully witnesses to just 1.....God is my rock and I pray He is yours! I went to bed w/ Angie, a WOG (Woman of God), I've never met, heavy on my heart and woke up to her heavy on my heart.
~God bless,

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


PLEASE Nominate ME FOR PARENTSCONNECT Custom Diaper Bag for a Parents' Picks Award!
A while back I blogged about Nichole's necklaces, well I got mine in and wore it yesterday! What cha think?

why do i look 5+ months pregnant ??? UGh................ thanks to my awful willpower to resist yummy food & no time to exercise unless i can do it at home which I'm lost...need help!! Yarnell's yummy new Lemon Ice Box Pie ice cream w/ CRUST IN IT!! MMMMMMMMMMMMM
I swear my metabolism is non-existant...
I think I've become her official model. :) lol...
If you like it, email Nichole for more info at:

~God bless,

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 2

I'm so glad that you've enjoyed my Mammy's recipe! There are more secret, easy recipes to come! :)
A week or so ago I got this message in my etsy store about a nomination for "best diaper bag" and I thought it was spam but I guess it's not b/c I got an email notification yesterday and checked it out and IT'S TRUE! So, I'm asking you to PLEASE Nominate ME FOR PARENTSCONNECT Custom Diaper Bag for a Parents' Picks Award! I am really excited and honored to be chosen to be in the running for this!
Well, this is day 2 of my summer w/ Shelby! Yesterday was very productive so today is gonna be folding laundry, playing w/ Shelby, getting the dry cleaning, making a bank deposit, and who knows what else!
Shelby has started weaning herself off the bottle lately so my goal for her to be off the bottle by our cruise on June 20th seems positive! She's down to 3 bottles a day and is eating more table foods now. She's still picky (like me lol)but is doing really well! She's also standing w/o holding on a lot more. Mammy and I were almost brought to tears yesterday watching her do this. We are all trying to intice her to walk but so far it's not working. She just gets her "red-headed temper" goin. LOL...She's very set in her ways, like me. LOL...She's learning and growing so fast! She now will hug things she likes and pat them, which she's picked that up b/c I pat when I hug. LOL...she claps whenever there's music and dances sometimes! lol...I cannot believe how fast this is going by... To think of where we were a year ago seems unreal!
I still feel like I look 5 months pregnant though :(. I just can't get rid of the stomach and hips...It is easier now that I'm home and busy b/c I don't really have time to each and snack so I think I'll lose weight easier. I want to lose the extra 10-15 lbs. I gained prior to getting pregnant thanks to the fertility drugs I had to take. It's tough but I think I can do it. Any tips for a busy mom? I WANT TO lose this by the cruise (June 20th) for sure but would love to by Shelby's 1st birthday (June 12th).

have a great day and rejoice in the Lord....
~God bless,

Monday, May 17, 2010

Mammy's Tortilla Dumplings

So I am off work until August 16th and my goal is to become "Paula Deen(minus hte weight-gain)/Betty Crocker" this summer and cook, clean and care for Shelby all on my own. So today was my first day attempt! Last summer I was off but it was less enjoyable (newborn, c-sec recovery, no sleep, hysterical out-of-control emotional breakdowns)'ve all been there if you've had a baby...
Today has been AMAZING! I cleaned my ENTIRE HOUSE MYSELF by 12:30pm! All I have left to do is fold up the laundry, which i'd pay someone to do that! I then packed up Miss Sheebee Shake and we headed to Mammy's for my cooking lesson :). Yes, I'm taking lessons from Mammy for her trademark dishes. Today's was Chicken and Dumplings. Which if you're southern, you know how yummy these are! I'm not talkin about the Sweet Sue in the can Dumplins, but HOMEMADE!! MMM...not even Cracker Barrel can touch these!
Mammy makes hers out of Flour Tortillas. I KNOW RIGHT? WHAT?! LOL... CRAZY BUT GOOOOOOOOOOOOOODD!! Since I can't video how to do it b/c i'm not that talented I am going to "step-by-step" it for ya:
Serves AT LEAST 4....we made for 4 adults but will feed more..we just like leftovers :)
1 package of Flour Tortillas (10 tortillias; this is standard unless you're doing a HUGE amount)
4 Boneless Chicken Breasts (1 breast per guest)
2 cans of Cream of Chicken Soup (2 cans per 4 chicken breasts)
2 cans of milk (however many cans of soup you are using is how many cans of milk you need)

We used boneless chicken breasts in a bag from the frozen section so we had to thaw them out, but you can use non-frozen, it doesn't matter. Put the chicken breasts in your pot (you'll need a large pot) and fill the pot w/ just enough water to where the chicken breasts are coverd and boil your chicken.
While the chicken boils, do whatever you want. :) lol...we watched Dr.
When the chicken is done, use a fork and take each breast out and place onto a plate & cut the chicken into small pieces of your liking and salt and pepper them, again to your liking. DO NOT DRAIN THE BROTH YOU MADE FROM BOILING YOUR CHICKEN. WE WILL USE IT :)Now take a bowl and put your cans of Cream of Chicken Soup (we did two cans b/c we used 4 chicken breasts) and 2 cans of milk and mix together. Pour that mixture into your chicken broth on the stove and bring to a simmer.Just leave it on the stove warming while you prepare the tortillas.
Next, take your package of torillas and cut them into vertical strips that are about 2 - 2 1/2 inches wide to where you get 4-5 strips per tortilla and then cut them all in half horizontally so you'll have 8-10 pieces per tortilla. Once you've cut up your package you will cover them w/ flour in a bowl; enough to where each piece of tortilla is dusted w/ flour. You can do that individually or all at once.
Bring your broth-cream of chicken soup mixture to a boil and start dropping your floured tortilla pieces into the chicken broth. We cut up the entire package but didn't use them all. You will have to gage on how big your pot is to where how many tortilla pieces you use. I think we had about 8 full tortillas instead of 10. I am using my Paula Deen pot so I don't have to worry about them sticking but depending on "non-stick" your pot is, you will have to stir them to insure they do not stick to the pot. Once the NOW dumplings are able to be cut w/ bein gummy or doughy then they are done. Now drop your cooked chicken pieces into the pot and stir until it's mixed well and...

~God bless & look for more recipes to come! :) Easy meatloaf, poppyseed chicken, potato chip chicken...MUCH MORE,

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

11 months

wow...really? 11 months?? are you kidding me?? I have an 11 month old?? no way....this can't be...
This was me last year at this time, about the same week actually...

Then at 7:54a.m. 11 months ago TODAY, this miraculous angel was given to us from the Lord did this happen??? Almost full!

~God bless,

Monday, May 10, 2010

I cannot believe...

I FORGOT TO TAKE A MOTHER'S DAY PICTURE ON MY FIRST MOTHER'S DAY!!!! WHAT IS WRONG W/ ME?!! OMG! These are the only pics I have to remember my 1st Mother's Day (well I was big-fat-pregnant this time last year so then it was an easy but uncomfortable Mother's Day)...

We went to Texarkana Saturday to visit Gwammy & Granpaw and Shelby fell in love w/ the giant bear at the mall to play on, while almost getting trampled by the "big kids" that were too big to be playin in this area in the 1st place! lol...

I got these two gorgeous pieces from Shelby & Josh! I'm in love w/ Paula Deen's cookware & bakingware! I have the pots & pans collection and THEY ARE THE BEST (in red of course ;)!!

but the best Mother's Day present I got was Shelby's smiles, giggles & HUGS all day and the love of a wonderful husband and awesome father to my little precious girl.
I do feel awful about not getting a picture of us 3 on my 1st Mother's Day :(...
~God bless,

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Origin of Shelby

I read Kelly's blog almost daily (whenever she posts actually)and she does a "Show Us Your Life" every Friday.
Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner
(If you go here you can read all her previous SUYL's)
Well, today I decided to participate b/c it's showing something very dear to my heart, my precious child's name and origin of her name, and the other names we have chosen if there is to ever be another Baby Kee (DON'T GET ANY IDEAS! I'M STILL TRAUMATIZED!).
When we first found out I was pregnant, which if you kept up, you know that in itself was a miracle and blessing, I just KNEW from the beginning that God had blessed me w/ a boy (Note to self: don't ever become a baby gender predictor). So, I began picking out things I liked and colors and what not and NOT EVEN considering a girl. If you were to tell me I was having a girl, it would have been as equal a shock as you telling me I was having a baby elephant, that's how out-of-my-mind a girl was. So, we decided on the name
Harrison David
Harrison, we just liked, and David is from Josh's family (his dad's name as well as his brother's middle name) and I liked having a biblical middle name. So that was that! Well, God had other plans, obviously!
We went for my 20wk OB/GYN appt. on Jan. 20, 2009 and we had tried the previous visit to see but the baby didn't cooperate so this time I JUST KNEW the baby was gonna tell us and BOY, did the baby tell us!! God told us
what?!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! OMG!! i was very much flipped out...I wasn't upset but more like now, what? well we started from scratch and one evening we were throwing out names....
Josh liked Aubrey, I hated it... I liked Addyson, Josh hated it...I did know that I wanted the middle name to be Grace. See, when i was little (you'll have to ask my mom how old exactly but I was a toddler I think) my parents left me in the church nursery during sunday school & church b/c my dad played the organ for their church at the time. Well the nursery staff switched shifts after Sun. School and so different ladies were in there when they came to get me. When mom came to pick me up after church, she says, "I'm here to pick up Rebekah" the lady says, "well ma'am, we do'nt have a Rebekah here in the nursery." Mom got startled and said, "well yes ma'am you do, she's sitting right there playing!" The lady looked puzzled and said, "well no ma'am I'm sorry, but that's Grace. She told us her name was Grace." LOL.... no idea where that came from other than me being called Grace b/c i was clumsy. LOL...SO i JUST HAD TO HAVE THAT MIDDLE NAME...
Well, all the sudden it hit me, "SHELBY!" See, my FAVORITE MOVIE of all time is Steel Magnolias and if you are a southern lady, and you've NOT seen this movie, then you're not truly southern! My wedding cake was red velvet cake even after this movie ok?! See, that movie has history w/ me and my mom. My family is very similar to the movie and Shelby was one of my favorite characters. However, Shelby Grace.... i didn't like that at all.... So...
Lynne! Lynn is my dad's name and Anne is my middle name my mom's middle name (Ann) and my mother's middle name (Ann) so I combined Lynn + Anne and came up w/ Lynne and IT'S BEAUTIFUL!
SO, that's how Shelby Lynne came about...there's more details but I've been sick in bed w/ a stomach virus for 3 days and I'm well now but wiped out!
The other names I like and may use one day IF NEEDED are:
Kolby (boy)- my brother use to say "Colby momma Colby!" which means, "Hold me Momma Hold me!"
Kallee (my dad's mother's middle name is Callie)
and that's all my wiped out brain can remember...
but for now, My little Sheebee Shake, is my favorite name, next to "maa maa" which i hear daily now as music to my ears...

~God bless,


Monday, May 3, 2010

Oh well...

Well, nothing went as planned it seemed this weekend. We did go in the Rollin Turd to see my BIL and his family but we were amongst the awful weather, storms and tornados practically all weekend up until we had to return home, as usual. So, no leasurly walks outside shopping centers or sitting outside on the deck talking. Nope...more like finding the nearest room w/o windows and a mattress you can pick up or drag to throw over your head-kinda weekend (no, we didn't have to do any of that but came REALLY close to...about 30 min. from us actually! very scary and please pray for all the families who were tragically hit by these awful storms this weekend. I do not make light of any of that!)....
and, the same seemed to happen in Indiana too. Yeap, you guessed it! Right where the festival Nichole did was. :( So...a lot of work, prep, and set-up (On Nichole's end) and just so it can be packed away or sold online. SO...with that said, my etsy store will be having the items I made for the festival for sale :). Yeah!! I will get those up as soon as I receive my package from Nichole. In the meantime, here's some pics from the WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL set-up Nichole had for all the items that makes me SICK the world was unable to see :(....

Didn't she do a fabulous job and how about those gorgeous pieces of jewlery she made?!! WOW!
Again, any interest in purchasing some of Nichole's things you can email me or Nichole at:
Also, she has an etsy store coming soon!
~God bless,