Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nora Bag

Well, Dee Dee now has a new home full of love and attention. A friend of mine that I've sewn for came w/ 2 of her 3 girls & her mom to see him and fell in love w/ him and he fell in love w/ them and actually ran and jumped in their car. It was precious and made this transition soooo much easier and great for me. I am so thrilled to see him so happy and loved by such a sweet family! Thanks again Ashley C!

Well I got 2 bags & 2 wipe cases finished yesterday! One is the turquoise & brown paisley bag that I've done previously and a wipe case to match but the other is one of my new favorites and wish it was mine! LOL... I don't understand why it is when I make a bag and wipe case I end up falling head over hills w/ it but when I make one for me or anything for me for that matter, I am never 100% satisfied with it! LOL... anyhoo, I really can't wait to deliver it today!!

~God bless,


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Jayme said...

That is just gorgeous!!

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

That bag is precious!!! LOVE the fabrics. :)