Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dee Dee

Almost 8 years ago the sweetest, most loving, adorable little puppy came into my life and my 1st baby.
Dee\'s first picture

He & his brother were both going to be large Yorkshire Terriors so the breeder was selling Dee & his brother for $100. From day 1 he was sooo sweet and loyal to me. He's always been "My Dog" or as Josh says, "He's a woman's dog." He's not too keen on Josh but that's b/c he knows he has to share me w/ him. lol...so sweet....
Since Shelby's been born he's been very jealous. He's destroyed books & toys of Shelby's by marking his & has snapped at her several times and bit her once on the lip that we hope doesn't leave a scar. It's been rough since Shelby's been born basically caring for 2 kids and having to clean up after Dee and is jealous-rants. He really is a sweet dog and is soooo loving and is 95% nice to Shelby but I can't trust him w/ her when she's on the floor playing and I turn my back. I would die if something happened to her b/c of him. Shelby is not scared of him at all and that surprises me considering.
Josh and I have made the decision to give him away. He's 7 1/2 years old and doesn't skip a beat! He's still so energetic and loving. He's very sweet and simply gorgeous. He is a full-bred Yorkie but is 15 lbs. I know...lol...but he's like a large version of the little ones. He has such a gorgeous coat and sweet face I will never forget. I have a local friend coming to look at him today w/ her kids. He doesn't understand that Shelby can't play like older kids and when she pets him she slaps, which all babies do that, and he associates that w/ "Bad", as any dog would. This friend's kids are older and I think would be great w/ him. Please pray for my heart and that this transition is best and goes well.
I love you Dee Dee and always will and will miss you and am making sure you go to a good home w/ lots of love and attention. You will always be my 1st baby.

i\'m ready for my closeup!
Christmas 2005
~God bless,


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