Friday, May 7, 2010

The Origin of Shelby

I read Kelly's blog almost daily (whenever she posts actually)and she does a "Show Us Your Life" every Friday.
Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner
(If you go here you can read all her previous SUYL's)
Well, today I decided to participate b/c it's showing something very dear to my heart, my precious child's name and origin of her name, and the other names we have chosen if there is to ever be another Baby Kee (DON'T GET ANY IDEAS! I'M STILL TRAUMATIZED!).
When we first found out I was pregnant, which if you kept up, you know that in itself was a miracle and blessing, I just KNEW from the beginning that God had blessed me w/ a boy (Note to self: don't ever become a baby gender predictor). So, I began picking out things I liked and colors and what not and NOT EVEN considering a girl. If you were to tell me I was having a girl, it would have been as equal a shock as you telling me I was having a baby elephant, that's how out-of-my-mind a girl was. So, we decided on the name
Harrison David
Harrison, we just liked, and David is from Josh's family (his dad's name as well as his brother's middle name) and I liked having a biblical middle name. So that was that! Well, God had other plans, obviously!
We went for my 20wk OB/GYN appt. on Jan. 20, 2009 and we had tried the previous visit to see but the baby didn't cooperate so this time I JUST KNEW the baby was gonna tell us and BOY, did the baby tell us!! God told us
what?!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! OMG!! i was very much flipped out...I wasn't upset but more like now, what? well we started from scratch and one evening we were throwing out names....
Josh liked Aubrey, I hated it... I liked Addyson, Josh hated it...I did know that I wanted the middle name to be Grace. See, when i was little (you'll have to ask my mom how old exactly but I was a toddler I think) my parents left me in the church nursery during sunday school & church b/c my dad played the organ for their church at the time. Well the nursery staff switched shifts after Sun. School and so different ladies were in there when they came to get me. When mom came to pick me up after church, she says, "I'm here to pick up Rebekah" the lady says, "well ma'am, we do'nt have a Rebekah here in the nursery." Mom got startled and said, "well yes ma'am you do, she's sitting right there playing!" The lady looked puzzled and said, "well no ma'am I'm sorry, but that's Grace. She told us her name was Grace." LOL.... no idea where that came from other than me being called Grace b/c i was clumsy. LOL...SO i JUST HAD TO HAVE THAT MIDDLE NAME...
Well, all the sudden it hit me, "SHELBY!" See, my FAVORITE MOVIE of all time is Steel Magnolias and if you are a southern lady, and you've NOT seen this movie, then you're not truly southern! My wedding cake was red velvet cake even after this movie ok?! See, that movie has history w/ me and my mom. My family is very similar to the movie and Shelby was one of my favorite characters. However, Shelby Grace.... i didn't like that at all.... So...
Lynne! Lynn is my dad's name and Anne is my middle name my mom's middle name (Ann) and my mother's middle name (Ann) so I combined Lynn + Anne and came up w/ Lynne and IT'S BEAUTIFUL!
SO, that's how Shelby Lynne came about...there's more details but I've been sick in bed w/ a stomach virus for 3 days and I'm well now but wiped out!
The other names I like and may use one day IF NEEDED are:
Kolby (boy)- my brother use to say "Colby momma Colby!" which means, "Hold me Momma Hold me!"
Kallee (my dad's mother's middle name is Callie)
and that's all my wiped out brain can remember...
but for now, My little Sheebee Shake, is my favorite name, next to "maa maa" which i hear daily now as music to my ears...

~God bless,



Jennifer said...

I'm visiting from Kelly's Korner! I just had to when I saw Shelby in your intro! My daughter is named Shelby too. Also from my favorite movie, Steel Magnolias. In fact I just watched it the other day with my daughter. I kept telling her that's how we came up with her name. I laugh b/c I have a story for all my kiddos, which I'm posting to my blog in a few. Please visit.
Oh my Shelby is Shelby Hannah. Hannah meaning grace of God. :) She is really a blessing to us! Nice to meet ya~

Mrs. Claus said...

She is such a cutie!

I gave you something on my blog, check it out on Sunday.

Happy Mother's Day!