Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What a weekend...

Well the weekend started out pretty shakey! Shelby and I were involved in a wreck after picking her up from PreK on Thursday at the PreK.  A lady was speeding and swerved to miss another mother pulling into the PreK drive while we were pulling out and she T-boned us.  What shook me up the most was that Shelby usually sits in the middle on the 3rd row in the Yukon but today, wanted to sit behind me in the 2nd row captain's chair so she could be by Rhett, who sits in the captain's chair on the passenger's side on the 2nd row.  I said, "Sure!"thinking that would be a great idea cause Rhett rides better when someone is beside him and can touch and talk to him so I didn't hesitate to move her. I got her seat all settled and strapped her in.
That's the door, along w/ my driver's side door, that was T-boned.  We were lodged into the front right of her car and so all I could do was turn around and make sure she was ok.
Shelby was UNTOUCHED! The Lord definitely had His hands on us cause it could've been much worse.  I had over $4500 worth of damage to my Yukon XL from a small Toyota SUV.  It's frightening to see how much worse this could've been and the damage that was done by a smaller vehicle to my "mommy bus." (pictures do NO justice to how much damage there actually is. it's hard to photograph it being black)

I'm still dealing with pretty bad neck pain and muscle stiffness but overall, we are fine. I praise God that we weren't hurt and that Rhett was not with us. We were on our way to pick him up. Due to the wreck, there was no way I could travel w/ Josh on the CrossPoint trip to sing up in Heber Springs, AR area so Rhett and I stayed home while he took Shelby w/ him for a daddy/daughter weekend w/ CrossPoint.
It's funny, cause the other 2 who have daughters brought theirs too! I'm so thankful for them and for the girls taking care of and playing w/ Shelby! I have the best hubby ever to be so concerned and loving wanting to take her with him so they could have time together. It's starting to hit us that she starts Kindergarten in just less than a month! I can't talk about it so I deny it's happening....
Gigi came and stayed w/ me and Rhett and we had a great time. Rhett was so sweet and cuddly and it was nice to have time w/ just him and no other worries. Shelby had a blast w/ CrossPoint and the girls. The Lord was all over the services they sang at and The Lord was all over us too!

Thank You Lord for Your protection and mighty hand of love over us....

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

These Growing babies of ours...

It's unreal that Rhett is 4 months old now (will be 18 weeks old this friday actually)! He's such a happy, feisty, vivacious, semi-laid back, sweet little man. He had his 4 month WBV (well baby visit) on Friday and he's still in the 96% for height (he's 27" long now) and is 16 lbs (which he's in the 66% now for that where he was in the 84% range; Dr. said it's cause he's WAY more active now). He got 4 shots and one orally and he DID NOT like them at all, but who does?! He's doing sooo well! He's a big boy, but I wouldn't have it any other way!
Dr. Tracie Calloway, who was my twirling buddy all through Jr. High and High School, is THE BEST pediatrician there is in my book and it's so fun getting to see her so often now! She told us we could start introducing rice/oatmeal cereal to him so I've tried it twice and both times he only tolerates MAYBE 3-4 bites and is done. It taste NASTY and really has no nutritional value so I think I'm just going to wait til we can give him baby food in 2 months. He's still EBF (exclusively breast fed) and is doing remarkably well! I never dreamed I'd be breast feeding still after only being able to for 7 weeks w/ Shelby. The only difficulty I find now is finding a place to BF him when we are out and it's time.  He nurses every 3 hours, unless he's going through a leap or growth spurt, then it's on demand. This boy loves to eat! :) LOL...

you're gonna feed me what from where? Umm Momma....that's not how this works..

He's also gotten SOO MUCH BETTER about his car seat. He absolutely does not like it but the last few weeks he's tolerated it and there's been less and less screaming, mad, fits going on back there. Now they're less and far between when I'm sitting in the seat next to his but when I'm driving, there's still usually a chance he will cry.  Young Living Essential Oils Peace & Calming and Lavender oil is used QUITE often when we go for car rides! :) LOL....
Shelby in the jumparoo at 18 weeks old...
Rhett at 18 weeks in the Jumparoo
It's funny to see how the two babies are so similar at this age!!
Poor Rhett, his toys are "inherited" from Shelby.. she didn't really like this toy but he sure does!

4 months old! 7/7/14

 Well I cannot blog about just ONE kid now.. lol...
can you believe how much she's grown in a year?! OMG
This was Shelby's first day of PreK last July...
1st day of PreK July 2013
 This was Shelby on Friday.. O M G...
I cannot believe in just a month she will be starting Kindergarten!

 Shelby had a fun week of VBS with her BFF, Joci at her church!

 Rhett on the other hand didn't know why he couldn't go to VBS

love seeing my babies play together... can't wait to see how they "play" together in the future...i'm sure there will be hair pulling and "MOOOmmmmaaa! He's ______ my toys!"

 Little man has grown A LOT in just 4 months.....

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Yes, I can bait a hook

Over the 4th of July break, Josh and I decided to take Shelby fishing down the road at a friend's pond, who we call Mr. Donut.  See, he and his wife worked in the nursery at church when Shelby was a baby and he would always bring her donuts when she was big enough to eat. So naturally, she gave him the name Mr. Donut. :) lol...Anyhoo.... it wasn't too hot outside and Rhett was content with Mammy so we took advantage of it and went fishing!
fell sound asleep in shelby's old swing at Mammy & Pop Pop's

Shelby caught the first fish!

I caught a bass!

and I caught a... i dunno.. lol but it's pretty!

Josh caught a bass too!

Shelby caught the biggest bass!

 Shelby ended up catching 4 fish, I caught 3 and Josh caught 3! It was such a great afternoon!

Later on over the weekend we decided it was time for Rhett Rhett to have some entertainment! We got down Shelby's old walker and her Jumparoo. He likes them a lot! He loves the Jumparoo more I think.
 Time for some lovin!!

 We have THE MOST beautiful my opinion :)

 Rhett is gettin so good at Tummy Time these days! He's rolled over at least twice for Mammy and I've not seen a single time he's done it! He also rolls over in his sleep! LOL
Thank You Lord for my wonderful family and the memories we're making along the way!