Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Rhett's Birth Story

I finally got around to writing out Rhett's Birth Story and making a tab for it above. :) His was soooo totally different, like he is, from Shelby's!
On Friday, March 7, 2014 We all headed to Texarkana, TX to have our precious little man, Rhett Randall. We were to be there by 8am. 

Us on the way to Texarkana. Josh is driving...
We had a dr's appt. that week on Monday and were told we could've had him that day, but we were not prepared and felt that Friday would be best for everyone since we all could be there and it would be the weekend and no one would be out of work.  We were told that we would have to wait our turn because Dr. Tom had a few c-sections scheduled before us and we were fine with that! It's a totally different experience going in as a scheduled c-sec than it was with Shelby's birth experience.  I expected it to be at least 10am before we went back since one of Dr. Tom's deliveries was at the other hospital in town, but BOY WERE WE WRONG!! 
As soon as we got to the Labor and Delivery dept. at St. Michael's Hospital, they took me and Josh to our pre-op room, which it was tough because we had to leave shelby w/ our parents and I wasn't ready but didn't want to cry or seem upset in front of her so I couldn't react.  I changed into the lovely hospital gown attire and got in the bed where I was immediately met by the sweetest nursing staff, one of which I LOVE and will always remember.  One in particular, Stephanie Haak, had had cancer and beat it and was such a bright light and sweet lady! She was in the operating room w/ me too! Her sweet kind voice will always be remembered as one that kept me calm as I was going through this. I got all hooked up to the iv's and had my meeting w/ the anesthesiologist (I had THE BEST anesthesiologist and he was sooo super nice and caring) and thought I'd be waiting in bed for a while, until I saw Dr. Tom's nurse come in in her scrubs and operating attire all ready and said, "He wants to get to you before he goes across town so let's do this!" was 9am and barely an hour since I'd been in the hospital! OMG I'm not ready for this!

Another "new" experience was having to WALK TO THE OR and sit up and have my epidural put in IN THE OR! OMG... It was surreal and frightening... But good! My anesthesiologist sat at my head the entire time in his soft gentle voice constantly making sure I was ok (and Josh too of course but he was nervous, you could tell, and tryin to pay attention, when he was told to and trying not to look so he wouldn't pass out!) and explaining every thing I was feeling, which if you've not had a c-section before, it's surreal cause you feel no pain but you feel the tugging and pulling and what not and all the pressure but it doesn't hurt.  This time it was very different cause I remember it all, which my anesthesiologist said that they more than likely, since it was such a traumatic and exhausting 26 hour labor w/ Shelby then a c-section, that they gave me something to calm me down cause I don't remember anything after seeing Shelby when she was delivered but w/ Rhett, I opted out and was given the choice of meds to calm me down and so I remember everything! It was such a good decision! The main discomfort was that it was 56 degrees in the OR! The thermometer on the wall said 5 6!! OMG.. lol... So I was shivering and that's why I look like baby Jesus swaddled up around my head cause it was that cold! 
I just LOVE my Dr. and his staff. He and his nurse have been with each other from the get-go and have such a great, comical relationship and they joked and poked fun at each other the entire time, which made the situation much more relaxed and took my mind off the fact that I was yet again being cut wide open and having a HUMAN BEING taken out of my body. :)
Then the moment came...
at 9;37am, Rhett Randall Kee was delivered surprising EVERYONE, even Dr. Tom, with his size of 8 lbs 11 oz 20 1/4" long, kicking non-stop and making the most beautiful cry I've heard since Shelby.  The entire staff was very shocked at how big he was and said that there would've been NO WAY I could've delivered him cause he was so big and his head was so big.  He was, and still is, a lively little man who, from the first time I felt him kick me inside my womb, never stopped kicking! They had a hard time checking him out and cleaning him up cause he kept kicking! :)
This birth was so calm and easy. It was a great experience and one I'll cherish forever!

 I made sure that after we were in the post-op room that Shelby was the first visitor to hold him. She fell in love instantly!

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