Thursday, July 10, 2014

Yes, I can bait a hook

Over the 4th of July break, Josh and I decided to take Shelby fishing down the road at a friend's pond, who we call Mr. Donut.  See, he and his wife worked in the nursery at church when Shelby was a baby and he would always bring her donuts when she was big enough to eat. So naturally, she gave him the name Mr. Donut. :) lol...Anyhoo.... it wasn't too hot outside and Rhett was content with Mammy so we took advantage of it and went fishing!
fell sound asleep in shelby's old swing at Mammy & Pop Pop's

Shelby caught the first fish!

I caught a bass!

and I caught a... i dunno.. lol but it's pretty!

Josh caught a bass too!

Shelby caught the biggest bass!

 Shelby ended up catching 4 fish, I caught 3 and Josh caught 3! It was such a great afternoon!

Later on over the weekend we decided it was time for Rhett Rhett to have some entertainment! We got down Shelby's old walker and her Jumparoo. He likes them a lot! He loves the Jumparoo more I think.
 Time for some lovin!!

 We have THE MOST beautiful my opinion :)

 Rhett is gettin so good at Tummy Time these days! He's rolled over at least twice for Mammy and I've not seen a single time he's done it! He also rolls over in his sleep! LOL
Thank You Lord for my wonderful family and the memories we're making along the way!

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