Wednesday, July 23, 2014

What a weekend...

Well the weekend started out pretty shakey! Shelby and I were involved in a wreck after picking her up from PreK on Thursday at the PreK.  A lady was speeding and swerved to miss another mother pulling into the PreK drive while we were pulling out and she T-boned us.  What shook me up the most was that Shelby usually sits in the middle on the 3rd row in the Yukon but today, wanted to sit behind me in the 2nd row captain's chair so she could be by Rhett, who sits in the captain's chair on the passenger's side on the 2nd row.  I said, "Sure!"thinking that would be a great idea cause Rhett rides better when someone is beside him and can touch and talk to him so I didn't hesitate to move her. I got her seat all settled and strapped her in.
That's the door, along w/ my driver's side door, that was T-boned.  We were lodged into the front right of her car and so all I could do was turn around and make sure she was ok.
Shelby was UNTOUCHED! The Lord definitely had His hands on us cause it could've been much worse.  I had over $4500 worth of damage to my Yukon XL from a small Toyota SUV.  It's frightening to see how much worse this could've been and the damage that was done by a smaller vehicle to my "mommy bus." (pictures do NO justice to how much damage there actually is. it's hard to photograph it being black)

I'm still dealing with pretty bad neck pain and muscle stiffness but overall, we are fine. I praise God that we weren't hurt and that Rhett was not with us. We were on our way to pick him up. Due to the wreck, there was no way I could travel w/ Josh on the CrossPoint trip to sing up in Heber Springs, AR area so Rhett and I stayed home while he took Shelby w/ him for a daddy/daughter weekend w/ CrossPoint.
It's funny, cause the other 2 who have daughters brought theirs too! I'm so thankful for them and for the girls taking care of and playing w/ Shelby! I have the best hubby ever to be so concerned and loving wanting to take her with him so they could have time together. It's starting to hit us that she starts Kindergarten in just less than a month! I can't talk about it so I deny it's happening....
Gigi came and stayed w/ me and Rhett and we had a great time. Rhett was so sweet and cuddly and it was nice to have time w/ just him and no other worries. Shelby had a blast w/ CrossPoint and the girls. The Lord was all over the services they sang at and The Lord was all over us too!

Thank You Lord for Your protection and mighty hand of love over us....

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