Tuesday, July 1, 2014

We took Moneky's to the Zoo

Friday's in the summer, Josh is off since SAU is on their 4-10's schedule.  Josh and I have been wanting to do something with just us and Shelby for a while and had talked about a Memphis trip but Rhett would have to go and that's a really far way to travel w/ an almost 4 month old and it'll be hot and basically we talked ourselves out of it...well Josh approached me last week asking if it would be a good idea to take shelby and a friend of her choice to the Little Rock Zoo and their indoor trampoline park, Altitude. I thought it was a great idea!
We dropped Rhett off w/ Mammy and Pop Pop for the day and headed to pick up Shelby's friend, Kristin.  These two are a handful of fun! :) They were chatter-boxes the whole way and had a blast all day!
we're waiting on Kristin to meet us to start this journey off and had to do some ducky faces!

I said, "Now lets do a pretty face!" and this is what I get. LOL..

Rhett Rhett had fun at Mammy's too! They put up shelby's old swing!

watchin "Spirit, shelby's favorite new DVD cause it's about horses of course!

Thank goodness Josh suggested we bring the wagon even though it was a LOAD to pull these two! LOL

Rhett Rhett having a great time with Mammy

Our little tour guides are planning the day out at the zoo

This was cool! They were inside a Lorikeet exhibit where they fed them. These birds were the brightest colors I've ever seen!

Oh goody....the train conductor gave them BOTH a train whistle to keep...

This dude looked like a statue..lol

Sharing being the tall penguin was not something they both wanted to do. LOL Kristin's face is priceless!

 We decided we better not leave these two monkey's at the zoo and harm the ones that already lived there! LOL.. they wouldn't be able to handle these two I'm afraid! :) LOL
OMG, this indoor warehouse full of nothing but wall to wall trampolines was unreal! Altitude is a DEFINITE must for an activity for kids! In fact, Josh and I want to go when it's just us and US HAVE SOME FUN TOO! The entire place is nothing but trampolines connected together and the walls are lined w/ them too! there's also a foam pit that you can jump into that is full of foam cubes! the girls loved it most I think!

Overall, I think the trip was a success and a blast! The girls were passed out by Malvern! :) I'm so thankful for the friends Shelby's made this year while being at Mrs. Mandy's Learning Center for PreK. She and Kristin are a team! LOL... It's gonna be a blast with these two no matter who's class they are in for Kindergarten! Hard to believe it's a been a year ago since Shelby started PreK there and in a little over a month, she'll be starting Kindergarten! Thanks for letting Kristin go with us Stephanie! I know they both slept great that night!

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