Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Belated 4th Fun

Well happy BELATED 4th of July! The 4th of July was a great evening for us! Magnolia had an awesome community event at the park called Sparks in the Park and it was sooo great to see our town all together enjoying food, the AWESOME WEATHER, great music and fun! The fireworks show was the best show I'VE EVER SEEN!! IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! Shelby had a blast running free w/ her friends and playing! Rhett was soo good and social, it was hilarious!
Shelby became friends w/ Somer cause she had cool glow sticks!
Daddy was singing oldies to Rhett and he thought it was awesome!

momma, why are we all outside??

Shelby was a hit w/ everyone cause of her "Hula Hoop" of glow stick necklaces she made. LOL

Sissy Stole my glow stick necklace mommy

This was such a great night w/ our community! I think Magnolia needs to do more events like this!

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