HI! My name is Bekah, the creator and designer behind Bizzy B's. I am a 33 year old, Christian, child of God, as well as a happily married woman of 11 years to my awesome husband, Josh. I adore him more than I could ever express and consider him a true gift from God.
We have been blessed by God w/ our first child, Shelby Lynne, on June 12, 2009. I became a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom) September 2010 after working full-time for 5 years at SAU.  I began to work part-time outside the home for SAU as a Graphic Artist when Shelby began Preschool.
Everyday is a new and amazing adventure and NEVER ordinary!! God has worked through us in ways that amaze me every day and has set our feet upon His rock.
God also has blessed us with another addition to the family, a baby boy, Rhett Randall, born March 7, 2014! Rhett is another miracle baby and we praise God every day for His blessings!
I enjoy being creative and using my talents from the Lord! The Lord has allowed me to bless others through my creativity that only He can give. I enjoy painting as well as sewing ANYTHING; I do not use patterns, I simply think it and make it work; I also enjoy making "Hair Adornments," as you'll see I refer to them as such b/c none of my creations are "just bows" or "just flowers/feathers" they are a creative ramble so-to-speak.
I want to use this site as my ministry to share my love for Jesus, My Savior and the talents He has given me and as a way for EVERYONE to be able to keep up with me, Josh & our family! You can leave me a message or email ANY questions you may have. Join my Facebook page as well! I try to update at least weekly of new creations. Please feel free to email me or message me for any questions you have!