Thursday, October 29, 2015

CBC Fall Festival 2015

We had so much fun w/ our Farmer Rhett and Peacock! I went as our cat, "Pissy Kitty" Figaro. :)
I made shelby's costume (except the dress..i altered it to work) and well, rhett had a different one but he hated it so he went as a farmer instead :)

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Rhett's First Haircut

Saturday  (10.24.15) Rhett got his FIRST HAIRCUT!! He did NOT like it at all! Haha... It was precious though to share it as a family. Shelby tried comforting him too. :)
Here's some before's:

 We went to Texarkana to get some of Shelby's horse show supplies and we stopped off at the mall. The kids LOVED the Haunted House there.

 Spur of the moment, we decided to get Rhett a hair cut. I got tired of it in his face, but didn't want all his hair buzzed or cut off. He DID NOT like it at all...

But now look how cute he still is and his hair just kinked RIGHT BACK UP! :) He's got the best hair! I just LOVE his goldie locks!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Horse Show Sissy is at it again!

I forgot to post a picture of Shelby on Friday for Magnolia's Homecoming...isn't she cute! It was "Coooollllldddd!" Burrrrrr

Shelby had another horse show this past weekend in Ruston, LA. She was in 5 classes and won 4-2nd place ribbons and 1-6th place! She competed in Open Western Walk-Trot and was one of 16 where she was the youngest by far! The next youngest was 19 and the oldest was probably 65! She placed 6th out of 16 and we couldn't be more proud! She also competed in Limited Western Pleasure(She didn't place), 13 and under Limited Western Pleasure where she placed 2nd, Limited Western Horsemanship (didn't place) and 13 and under Limited Western Pleasure where she placed 2nd. There were 2 judges and they each gave their own placing so that's how she won 4-2nd place ribbons in two classes.  She had a great day and ride! She even got to compete w/ Mr. Alan, Ms. Linda and her buddy Lilly! 
On the way she was reading (yes!! reading!) her Pony Scouts books...she LOVES this series...

She is such an awesome rider for being so young! She has come sooo far and it's hard to believe she's only been riding since April 10th! She will compete in the Color Breed Congress horse show in Tulsa, Oklahoma November 12-15! She will miss 2 days of school but this is BIG TIME! She's stoaked! I'm nervous but it's gonna be SOOOO FUN! She's also getting a new outfit! She will be in purple!! Can't wait to make this one! We've ordered purple chaps and then I'll get to work on the shirt :).
Another big thing about this week is that Shelby quit dance.  It became a struggle and her heart just wasn't in it. She was dancing because she thought I wanted her to, not because she wanted to.  I want her to be happy and do what she feels is "her thing"! She was upset because she thought I was going to be upset she didn't want to dance anymore. I felt awful because she thought that.  It just wasn't "her thing" and she just doesn't have that "lime light" personality or competitive spirit.  When she rides, she is THE MOST confident and happy girl I'VE EVER SEEN and dance didn't bring that out in her anymore.  It was just time. She danced for 5 years and as she said, "That's a long time and it's just time for me to stop."  She is beyond happy to just be a rider now. She can now focus solely on her riding and horse shows.  She was just involved in too much and I'm happy she's mature enough to realize that she needs to do what her heart tells her, not what others think.
lovin on her Big Ole Boy, Badger

Mr. Alan found her a fancy saddle to ride on..she LOVES IT! It has rhinestones on it and she adores it!

He was soo happy to see his girl 

#HorseshowSissy is ready to ride!
 What's funny, is before she saddled up, people that hadn't seen her at the show before were asking, "When will you start to ride horses?" haha She said, "I'm competing today in the adult classes!" haha...

 Dressed out and ready to compete!

so poised and professional yet sooo tiny

see? there's the PURE JOY

competing w/ the adults.... 

she placed 6th!!

She was in AWE of watching Mr. Alan compete and ride

she adorned herself w/ all her ribbons haha
 We are going to redecorate her bedroom this Christmas in horses, imagine that! I'm wanting to make a neat way to hang her ribbons from her shows. It's hard to believe these are ALL from the shows she's competed in since May!
 She also got her Membership Card to the Pinto Horse Association of America Inc.! She's soo excited!!! She's official and this is amazing to know our 6 year old is apart of such an amazing Association!

 Here's a peak of her chaps she will wear for Color Breed Congress! :) EEEEEEE!!! Can't WAIT to make her shirt to match!