Monday, October 5, 2015

Fall Baby Shower fun

We had a great shower for baby Parker and Mr & Mrs. G! It was a lot of work, but soo fun! It's such a blessing to work so hard and create to make someone else feel special and have a day for just them! It's truly a blessing and I think my gift is hospitality because among all the soreness, exhaustion and late nights, making and creating all this beauty for a special momma and daddy to be made it all worth it!

Instead of a guest"book" I did a guest letter for them to sign and for Mrs. G to hang on baby Parker's wall...

the banner is made of chalkboard paper so she can reuse the banner and write something different if she wants for future parties!

I made her a hospital wreath w/ the chalkboard to write baby Parker's stats when she arrives

I LOOVE Fall at the Kee home! All my favorite color combos!

this cool dude says "I SOOOO CUTE!" That's his newest sentence

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