Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Where Have I Been?

Wow, it's been a while...I don't really have an excuse to why I haven't blogged in a while other than since I'm off for the summer and SOAKING UP BEING A SAHM, for now, I've been soaking up my little Sheebee Shake & all her glory! She has been real fussy and low and behold she's got 4 teeth sprouted! 1 fully, and 3 poked through! :) yeah! OMG I cannot believe I'm 2 weeks away from having a 1 YEAR OLD! WOW!


Shelby go to "swim" for the first time this month and loved her little pool but wasn't too sure about the big pool we let her in w/ daddy when we went to see Gwammy & Gramps (my parents) this weekenend.

We've got a lot goin on this month! I'm a member of our local Circle of Friends chapter which supports and helps to fund through donations our Arkansas Children's Hospital. This was my sorority's philanthropy so it's very near and dear to my heart and having had several friends experience the Children's Hospital w/ their children I FULLY support how great the medical staff is there. We are having our AR Circle of Friends Conference in Little Rock this weekend and me and my bff, Lydia, are going w/ our 11 other chapter members that are going. I can't wait for this wonderful girls weekend as well as seeing how our funds and support are put to use! It will be tough touring the hospital but I will be in full prayer and positive spirits for each little soul there and their families! Lots of pics are to come!

We are also having a garage sale Friday & Saturday so I will help w/ it Friday before I leave for the conference & then Josh will be helped by his family on Saturday. It is INSANE how many clothes I have! OMG...I've seriously gotta problem w/ shopping, now that I see it! LOL...However, I had not cleaned out my closet/clothes addiction since I left home in 2001 for college!! LOL... Which was depressing to know I WAS a size 0-2!!! OMG...surely not! Ugh...guess everyone's right that your life & BODY will never be the same after a baby.... guess my 6-8 size is MY SIZE now.. :(

Then we have Vacation Bible School starting this Sunday through Thursday at our church where Josh is over Recreation and I'm helping w/ Crafts (YEAH!!!)! Our VBS is at night from 5:55-8:30pm so it can make for a long day to those who work during the summer (unlike me :) ). This year's theme is a cowboy/ranch theme called, "Saddle Ridge Ranch"! Sooooo cute!! Can't wait! We even have a guy coming to "Gentle a colt", which means he's gonna "break" or train him to ride in a little over an hour! Lots of pics to come too!!These pics below are from the kickoff on Wed. last week...
This is Shelby's buddy, Josiah. They are 5 weeks apart and they get along sooo great & play a lot in the nursery except when he tries to get one of her snacks, shelby kicks Sorry Ginger! Josh & Josiah's Daddy, Trey, went to college together, and so did Ginger. When I got to college they all graduated so I don't say "we went to college together" b/c they did and I just came in as a weee little freshman! lol.. Trey was my "Mulerider Round-up" leader (Freshman orientation leader) so we've known each other for A LOOONNGGGG time. :) Oh, go here to visit Josiah's mommy's page and updates w/their family!

THEN, it's Shelby's birthday party (which i'm not gonna show any pics of what I have planned b/c I don't wanna spoil it!) on the 12th and then our cruise w/ my family on the 20th-27th!~! PICS PICS PICS TO COME! :) YEAH!!
ok, so it's coffee time and I NEED IT..LOL....
~God bless,


Ginger said...

Hey he has to learn that you don't mess with a girl & her snacks.

House of Smith's said...

Holy cow! She IS getting SO big! Isn't it crazy and a little sad how time flies!?