Monday, June 7, 2010

VBS Saddle Ridge Ranch

This week is VBS at our church and if you read the last post, I'm a Crafts helper! Soo excited! here is our room decor! I painted the horses on the wall and had soo much fun doing it!

This arrangement is one I did using my grandmother's boots and I think it turned out super cute!

This is our door poster, I did not do but thought it was super cute! I love this year's theme b/c being the "Muleriders" it's easy to decorate in a "ranch/western/horse-theme!"

Last night's craft was "LJ ID Bracelets ("LJ" stands for Lord Jesus)". The kids did great! They all got to decorate them however they want. This was the easiest craft and less-creative as the others but all in all was good for the 1st night! We had 102 kids & 65 workers! That's awesome for the 1st night!!

Also, this starts the countdown to Shelby's 1st Birthday & Party that is on Saturday! I CANNOT BELIEVE I AM JUST 5 DAYS FROM HAVING A 1 YEAR OLD... :(.... I SOOO VIVIDLY remember this time last year and would SOOO not change a thing or go back to that time! lol.... i was MISERABLE until the 12th! :)....
~God bless,

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