Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I don't know if we are adventurous or insane but we are leaving on a cruise for 7 days w/ my mom, dad, brother & sis-in-law ("we"= josh, me & SHELBY) Saturday (we are leaving saturday to do the drive but don't board the ship until sunday in Galveston, TX). I am always the "packer" for shelby but this has to be the LARGEST pack i've done yet. I never realized how much she "needs". We have to take 7 days (actually 8 since we are leaving Saturday) of "Shelby Survival" necessities and that includes, clothes, diapers (little swimmers and regular), wipes, 2 bottles a day (my goal of her being off formula by this trip didn't work but she is down to just a max of 2 a day; 1 in the a.m., 1 before bed), formula, banana cereal (yes i still put cereal in her bottles; i switched to banana cereal b/c she likes it), baby food (3+ jars a day; applesauce, it all depends on her mood; she's gotten to where she's striking the baby food and wants table food but we never know b/c it changes daily; i had to buy the plastic containers of baby food b/c of the way they THROW the luggage around so that was A LOT more expensive since we usually just use the jars), 8 oz bottle water for 7+days (2 a day), snacks (banana cookies, puffs, yogurt melts, fruit loops just for the trip there and back b/c they'll have that on the ship, chocolate cheereos, Nilla waffers, graham crackers, etc...), Juice bottles, spoons, medicines, OMG I CAN'T LIST ANYMORE B/C I'M STARTIG TO HYPERVENTALATE! LOL....you get my drift! this is JUST SHELBY! LOL.... we can have 2 suitcases (not including whatever you can carry-on; it's not like a plane so you don't have to check anything but they encourage you checking your large pieces; they will load them and deliver them to your room that evening so JUST INCASE it's mixed up you have to pack your dinner clothes/whatever you need that night). So we will have 6 suitcases & all our carry-on's (1- Josh, 2-me, 2-shelby (my 2 is my purse and carry-on; shelby's 2 is her diaper bag & carry-on) as well as the stroller we got.

We bought this stroller at Walmart b/c #1 it's lighter, smaller & easier to use for this type of trip, #2 she's a "big girl" now and doesn't need the big stroller all the time & #3, it's pink! lol....you know me, GOTTA BE PINK! I'm sure I'm talked about having so much baby stuff that's pink but it's our 1st and to me, I'm FINE w/ just 1 baby....everyone's hoping God is working on my heart for a 2nd child. LOL...right now...nope...not a thought in my head! lol... I can't imagine sharing this love w/ another child. Anyhoo....
I can't wait for our trip even though I am starting to panic thinking of being away from the comfort of land (this is our 6th cruise so it's not that...it's having a 1 year old in the middle of the ocean!)! Shelby is INTOT EVERYTHING so who knows! I may have my weight-loss plan figured out; SHELBY + CRUISE = -10 lbs! lol..
This is the ship we are going on...Josh and I did this exact cruise for our honeymoon in December of 2004 and LOVED IT! It's the best ship & cruise ever! We will dock at Grande Caymen, Montego Bay & Cozumel. SUCH BEAUTIFUL PLACES!

We are soo excited and blessed to have this trip w/ family! It will be soo memorable! We are gonna have ANOTHER bday party for Shelby on the ship since my brother and SIL couldn't come down from Dallas to her party! :)I'm sure the staff on-board will eat Shelby up! We are told they just go gaa gaa over kids & babies b/c they live through the guests b/c they are away from their families!
Please pray for us as we prepare & travel! We will drive Saturday to the outside of Houston to spend Sat. night and then board on Sunday and will be gone till the 27th! :)
~God bless,


Meredith said...

Bekah, I am praying for ya'll to have a safe trip and that you will enjoy it as much as you can! I know it'll be really busy but fun too!

rae said...

My husband and I went on that exact cruise last year. We LOVED it!

Faith said...

Hope you guys have SO much fun!!! What a great trip that will be. Praying for safe travels!

Sabrina @ my little slice of pie said...