Monday, August 31, 2009

Bizzy Back in Business!

Ok so Bizzy B's is OFFICIALLY back in business! After a much needed break to spend time w/ our precious new "Toodapot" (that a nickname my BFF's hubby gave Shelby), I am back in the sewing, creatin, stylin and profiling business! I have LOADS OF NEW items that will be available and even thinking of partnering w/ a dear person in my life to see if she would possibly want to start offering her talents as part of the Bizzy Bs line as well...more on that later b/c I haven't even mentioned this to I will be posting new pics of new items soon, which I hope isn't later than planned knowing how I've been slackin on my posts and all.. :( i hate not havin a working laptop 24/'s a project I just finished for a church friend...This is a new deal I'm starting, doing a wipe case to match. For this size bag (which I consider my Standard Size) for the wipe and bag, both with monogramming if you choose, it's a deal so if you choose a bag and would like a wipe case to match, let me know b/c it REALLY IS A STEAL!! :)

And here's some new "Toodapot" pics!:
This is of Shelby at her first football game! SAU played North Alabama Saturday and we got spanked, but it was still fun! We made it through "Mulegating" and lasted till about 8:30pm at the game! Thought that was great! Oh, and the tutu, well it was gonna be her "ensemble" at the game but it was too hot so we X'd the tutu but isn't it too cute for words! My mom took an old halloween costume of mine and turned it into an adorable tutu for Toodapot! Shelby is now almost 12 weeks! She's a ham I tell ya! FULL Of personality and is such a social butterfly!

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Stacy said...

so cute!!!....the tutu looks cute too!...we'll have to get her pics in it!!