Thursday, March 12, 2015


I CANNOT BELIEVE that Rhett is now One! This COULD NOT have been a year ago??
read about Rhett as he grows HERE and his BIRTH STORY HERE

 He turned one at 9:37a.m. on Saturday, March 7th and we had a small celebration with our parents and shelby's BFF, Joci (and of course w/ her Mom "TaaTaa" as Rhett calls her). It was soo nice! It was NOTHING like Shelby's First Birthday Party, where I prepped for months and went to all this fuss and had lots of people, was really just nice and simple! He had a blast and so did Shelby so that's all that matters!

we opened the gifts from us with Rhett when he woke up. He LOVES his cars
He LOOVES his gift from his Sissy

This little pistol is gonna be a handful, we can already tell. I've GOT TO video him when Shelby, OR ANYONE, tries to take something he has from him. It's hilarious!!! He turns BEET RED, grasps his little hands so tightly onto whatever he has and makes this LOUD squealing scream at whomever is trying to take what he has. LOL I don't know what to do because it's so funny Josh and I can't stop laughing to discipline him. LOL...Anyhoo....

We are blessed to have 2 miracle babies and to watch them grow is a daily blessing. Rhett was our surprise baby we never thought we would have or could have. If you've read my blog then you know the history behind our journey to have kids and if you're just chiming in, then get busy reading. We have such a testimony that ONLY GOD can take credit for.
Here's some pics from Rhett's Birthday Celebration!
Special Thanks to Laura Imler for the AMAZING cake and cupcakes!

it seems just like yesterday that this was blank and at my baby shower at SAU and then hung on my hospital door til mom filled it in and now it hangs on his nursery door and served as a decoration for his birthday party!

Gigi gave Rhett his first deer

She's such a little Momma.

She's singing Happy Birthday to her Bubby

 So.... he doesn't like cake... lol...too squishy...

 Mmm....but Oreos... now that's another story....

Hello added Yummy surprise! Chocolate icing INSIDE the camo cupcakes and cake!!! OMG Laura you outdid yourself!

 Trying to get his 1 year picture to commemorate how i've taken his monthly pics each month is now like trying to take a picture of a moving vehicle....

 Happy 1st birthday Bubby!

" Ummm, this cake is OFF tha Chain!" she said

Bff's forever

Sissy Love

 What a great day celebrating our sweet little Bubby....

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