Friday, March 6, 2015

Shelby's First Dance Competition

Shelby had her very first dance competition as a team member of KDAS Competition Team this past weekend and it was awesome!! She had a blast!! She and I went over on Friday night to get our "nests made" and settled so we wouldn't have to get up so early to head to Texarkana.  Josh and Rhett stayed home because they were both sickly and they're not really into sitting through all the dances! LOL... what man is?!
This was a new experience for both of us. Between spray tanning her, fake eye lashes and rhinestoning her costumes....we both learned a lot! I feel like a pro now! Not only did she look great but she danced GREAT! Her group won Elite, Judges Choice and TOP 5 for 5-6 yr old Large Group for their Tap dance as brides to "Going to the Chapel" AND they won DIAMOND for their jazz routine in the 5-6 yr old !! AMAZING!! THIS IS THEIR FIRST COMPETITION AND THEY WON ALL THIS!!!! I'm one proud momma! Talent on Parade was great! They go to KAR in May and then... THEY'RE QUALIFIED FOR NATIONALS IN ST. LOUIS IN JUNE!!
Here's our journey to Talent on Parade..
the journey started off with...
rhinestoning crystals...
not just throwing it together, but a specific way, placement and stone.  Each mom was given the packet with stones for their costume to use and a specific place they're to all be put, so this is NOT an easy task. Other dance moms will agree.... I've rhinestoned before so it wasn't new to me but it was still meticulous.  These are VERY high quality crystals and I'm used to my Hobby Lobby stones dropping one of these was like losing a real diamond to me!
"Going to the Chapel" tap routine

special thanks to my model, Paula the Cabbage Patch

Going to the Chapel...DONE!
 Now onto the jazz costume...

Carwash....DONE!  the clusters of stones was tough!
 Dress Rehearsal on Thursday night....
it was fun for the girls to see the other dancers dance their routines and solos. They did so well and it was so cute seeing them in their costumes!

her "boyfriend" Weston was there to watch his sister and shelby rehearse

these two have been a pair from day one almost 4 years ago!

Here we go.... we're off!

She loved that our suite had a conference we turned it into our prep room

 After a good night's rest, she and I were ready for some breakfast and this diva was ready to perform already! LOL.. dancin in the elevator LOL

 Hair and make-up...
it was tough putting liquid eye liner on someone else, must less a 5 1/2 year old who wanted to see every progression to this! :)

I think I did a pretty good job!

And we're off to the school!

She's so excited she could hardly stand it!

that's all the "Sass" we got out of Joci...she said, "I'll do sassy lips ONE TIME ONLY AND THAT'S IT!" lol

unlike shelby who does Sassy Lips ALL THE TIME...see?


and see?

Such a beauty!

Here they go to warm up! Not gonna lie... i teared did Joci's mom!

waiting backstage before they go on....
We had a quick change into the "Carwash" costume and hair and this is all I got...

shelby was sooo excited cause this is her FAVORITE DANCE and she lives up to her nickname, SheebeeShake, with this one.  She's become infamous from this dance... LOL

Pep talk from their AWESOME TEACHER, RandeeJo
 They did it! They're done! Now to watch the big girls and other dancers before awards...
these two LOVE each other so much and held each other while they watched. Tashia and I were a little choked up over this cuteness!
Brides: Elite, Judges Choice and TOP 5 FOR 5-6 YR OLD SMALL GROUP!
Carwash: DIAMOND!

Even though they dance for different studios and competed against each other, their friendship is stronger than any competition! They've been buds since the first day of Mrs Mandy's Learning Center back in PreK! Great Job too Kymber and Forever Dance Studio!!

This beauty was exhausted and slept 90% of the way home Saturday and slept in late on Sunday...we were all recovering from Dance Comp and sickness so we watched church from home...
 Sunday she was STILL ON Cloud 9 from winning and bouncing off the walls!
Thank you KDAS, Karen, Emily, RandeeJo, Megan and Hannah for ALL YOU DO to make these girls feel special and just as awesome as the Senior Dancers! Our First competition was not only a success in dancing, but a success in bonding w/ my little SheebeeShake!
K D A S************** WE ARE************ THE BEST!!*********************

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