Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring Break with the Kee's

Spring Break was awesome for the Kee's! We took our first family vacation as a family of 4! We went to Branson, MO.  We had a blast! it was COLD though! We knew it would be so we packed warmly.  The kids loved the trip and did very well! We left Thursday and came home Saturday. As soon as we got there Thursday we went straight to Silver Dollar City! It was AMAZING! Rhett did so well and loved all the colors, being outside, all the noise of the rides and just the whole place! Shelby rode lots of rides and is definitely her daddy's child!  We closed down the park that night and then went to eat at Fuddruckers and it was good too. The kids were exhausted and slept good! We were chancing it with Rhett cause on short trips before he's just slept with me but he's so different then shelby was or is and likes his own space, but he did great! We took his pack in play from Miss Liz and he slept sooo great! We woke up and ate breakfast and then went to the Butterfly Palace.

 To both our amazement, this is the first real ride shelby wanted to ride....the carousel of course was the first!  Good thing she's more like her daddy because I COULD NOT ride this.... i freaked out on the elephant ride w/ her cause it went up so high and I let her hold the button to go up a couple times (she re-rode it w/ daddy and he let her stay up high the whole time! LOL).

prior to my anxiety attack going high in the air LOL

The Butterfly Palace was AMAZING AND SOOOO COOL! We've never seen butterflies like these! Their sizes and colors were breathtaking! Shelby got to release butterflies who just came out of their chrysalis (which we also learned that Butterflies come out of a chrysalis and Moths come out of their cocoons!)! Shelby also got to hold a blue-tongued skink (lizard)! Rhett tried to grab and squish the butterflies that landed on or near him. haha...

After the Butterfly Palace, we went back to Silver Dollar City for the day and it was even more cold on Friday! We only stayed about 4 hours then...
We had a dinner reservation at Dixie Stampede at 5:30pm and were told to arrive an hour early to experience the horses in their stalls and the pre-show. It was sooo cool! Shelby was in "horse-heaven!" The show was great, and we couldn't take pics or video even though I saw people doing it, so there's only pre-pics.  The food was AMAZING AND a lot! After the show we let shelby swim in the hotel pool and she just jumped right in! Guess her lessons really stuck from last summer!! The kids were exhausted and slept great again! We ate breakfast and then headed home...we made a stop in Russellville to see Uncle Jeff and Aunt Cindy and let the kids play and eat lunch and then we stopped at Little Rock's Bass Pro. Overall, we made awesome memories and know that our summer vacation will be amazing! The kids were so great and it's soo surreal to know we are a family of 4!

Rhett loved all the balls in the Fireman's House
the sky was beautiful going down the mountain
Ready for Dixie Stampede! Mommy wasn't too happy about being on the North side but shelby was for the South anyway cause her favorite horse was a South side horse :)

My favorite horse!!

These Belgian's were HUGE!! shelby felt so special because she has been up close and personal w/ Belgian's before thanks to Therral and Jan Story!

Here's her favorite horse, Star. She was a beauty!

"This is a Trick Rider Horse Momma. See how different the saddle is from regular riding?" says my little horse enthusiast!
 If she could have God make and paint her a special horse, this is what it would look like! LOL... Dolly Parton's "Colt of Many Colors."

2nd row!!
 At the end... we found Yogi bear!


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