Wednesday, January 28, 2015

this week at the Kee's

not a lot is going on other than tryin to stay well and keep up with everyone's schedules. My calender is quickly filling up w/ events, birthday's (including myself on Feb. 9th....ugggghhhhh.... 3 2.... ouch... that was the sound of my back failing me), dance competition team practices, dance competitions, class parties, etc.... life doesn't seem to slow down.
It is nice to take advantage of the times that it does slow down though...

This little beauty is alllll about showing me new things these days that are knocking my socks off! Not only did she FINALLY willingly wear the pink fringe boots I bought her MONTHS AGO, but she learned how to tie her shoes (for the most part) and is all about writing in her journal. She wrote 4 sentences ON HER OWN at school this week in her journal and  her teacher was sooo proud of her! She also READ TO ME THIS WEEK! She told me she loves to do her homework and how fun it is! I pray it stays that way. However, when we start this Common Core Math mess.... I'm at a's soooo strange! Glad I've got a little bit of time left before i go completely bananas! Shelby has always been very bright and outgoing and I pray each day that her little light continues to shine!
Bubby this week is almost back to normal since his RSV episode.  His sleep is now regressing though, which isn't good for us. He's back to waking up for a bottle at midnight and this whole week he cries off an on ALL night.  I got a total of 1 hour of sleep last night. I only go in his room just once to give him his bottle and rock him and then I lay him back down sound asleep. All week he'll be fine but not even an hour later he's back to screaming. We just let him cry because all he wants is to be held. He's dry, fed, comfy, not in the pitch black dark and fine. It's the weirdest thing! I got spoiled to him sleeping all night long when he was so sick.  Once during the night is ok but the crying off and on all night is not. 
this pic was from 1/7 when he turned 10 months but it's too cute to not post again

a couple weeks ago at McDonald's right before the sickness got
The weirdest thing is now since he was sick, he will eat foods! He's eating at least 2 containers of baby food a day as well as his 3-4 8oz bottles a day and will eat some table foods when we are eating after he has had his baby food.  it's a blessing really....
well I pray that we get some sleep. I'm beginning to hear colors i'm so tired....

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