Wednesday, January 21, 2015

RSV recovery

A week ago Sunday we woke up, got ready for church and went to Sunday School and church as usual.  Rhett was fine had a slight runny nose but also had another tooth coming in on top so I thought nothing of it. We went about our Sunday and all was normal and well. Sunday night after kids choir and our couples small group we got Rhett from the nursery and he just didn't seem himself.  He didn't sleep well that night either. He was snotty and had a cough by then.  Monday's and Friday's I don't work so it was a good thing cause Rhett woke up with a low-grade fever and the cough was much worse and to the point he was choking.  This continued on ALL DAY and night and by Tuesday, there was still a low-grade fever, cough, runny nose and NOW A WHEEZE. This worried me terribly and I stayed home w/ him.  I called his dr. and the soonest he could get in was 4:15pm (in Texarkana).  I made arrangements for Shelby to be picked up by Mammy and PopPop and Josh and I headed out toward Texarkana at 3pm. 
Rhett's doctor and her nurses examined him and he didn't have a fever at the time but the cough, wheeze and runny nose still bothered me. One good thing, he now weighs 21 lbs and is 28" long.  After many questions and nose swabs it was determined that he was negative for the flu, but positive for RSV.  This terrified us both.  All we could think about was the poor baby who had RSV when Shelby was in AR Children's Hospital.  Dr. Calloway gave him a breathing treatment w/ the nebulizer (which was horrible and very hard to do as he screamed and wasn't having it!) in the exam room and told us that we had to give him breathing treatments for 2 days; 2 puffs from the inhaler (so glad it was an inhaler now and not the nebulizer) every 4 hours and 4 puffs at bedtime as well as benedryl every 4 hours. 

I stayed home w/ him all week and it was very hard and heartbreaking. He is A MUCH HAPPIER AND HEALTHIER BABY NOW.  His dr. said if he wasn't 10 months and the size he is, he would have been admitted.  His wheeze stopped after about the 4th day and now his runny nose is almost gone and he's his happy little mischievous self!  He's even started eating food!!!!

It was a rough week and so tough on this momma too.  He missed his sissy so much but we are so glad she didn't get sick too. We are so fortunate to have Josh's parents here in town and Shelby adores them. They took care of her most of the week and that helped me out so much so I could focus all my attention on Rhett and getting him better. It was extremely hard to not have her around and be involved in all her activities.  She said she loved being at Mammy's and wanted to live there cause she has better Barbies. :) haha...
They kept Rhett for us while Josh and I gave her some one on one attention Friday night. Her "boyfriend," Weston, had his birthday party at a bowling alley in Springhill, LA and she had never bowled before but LOVED IT! She actually won each game!

we are soo thankful for this child and our baby boy.... God has truly blessed us w/ such a caring, loving little girl and a sweet baby boy.... We are soo glad he's better and that these two are reunited again!

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