Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Woot Woot Wednesday

Well boy was the weekend and this week been a doozy!!! Shelby's had a snotty, nasty nose thx to the weather and her allergies and I think she's teethin again so all this equals a fussy girl who doesn't wanna sleep! :( She's been waking up lately screaming like the devil himself is after her and so it's tough to stomach b/c NOTHING soothes her and it hurts to see her so sad and upset :(. Josh has gotten up w/ us the last two nights and last night, I hear her having a HUGE meltdown over the monitor with him w/ her and I knew he was talking her down but I couldn't hear what he was saying and all the sudden it's quiet. I was soo tired I didn't even ask. LOL..but this a.m. he says, "I told Shelby, 'big girls sleep in their own beds all night alone.' and she drifted off, I rocked her and she finally went to sleep." :) LOL..he's got the magic daddy touch I guess! She slept till 7:30am. She didn't go to sleep TIL MIDNIGHT ! aaaaaaahhhhhhh I'm so thankful for such a great husband who's sooo patient and kind w/ Shelby! I'm also sending out my "Woot Woot" b/c it's Miss Minna day and I can rest! LOL... Also, this is today's "Woot Woot,":

Woot Woot for my gorgeous family!! This is our niece, Allison who graduates this year (OMG) and is such a smart, beautiful and amazing person!! She is such a bright and talented girl and we are so thankful for her! The family picture is amazing! This is Josh's brother, Jeff, and his wife, Cindy & Allison. :) Such a great family who we miss and love! They live in Russellville now and we don't get to see them a lot at all. Shelby LOVES them and is always "not too sure" about Uncle Jeff but loves him after she warms up to him! LOL...

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Not a lot to say today due to my sleep deprivation but I did wanna show you our beautiful niece and brother & sis in law! :)
~God bless,

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Mrs. Claus said...

What a gorgeous niece you have, so grown up!!

I think Ms. Minna should get a Woot Woot every day. . . she is great!