Monday, November 29, 2010

Great Thanksgiving!

First off, I must say, I'm HONORED to know that this little jewel is wearing an outfit I made for her before she was even born!

It's HARPER!! Kelly's Korner's daughter! I just love it on her and can't believe she's finally big enough to wear it! Soo presh!

We had A GREAT THANKSGIVING camping!!! It was sooo beautiful seeing all the gorgeous fall colors and cool, crisp weather! It did rain once but that's ok! :) Here's pics from our trip!
While the guys set up, Shelby helped clean up the
 OMG, raking is hard work momma!
 Ok, I think I got this mom!
 Daddy & Pappy workin on unhitchin the trailer
 Our new home away from home!

 Oooo a stick!
 Hey! why you spyin on me?!
 Gotta get clean after a hard days work of rakin in my perfectly sized tub for Moi!

 Ready for Black Friday Shopping!!
 Wow! A sweet gum tree ball!
 Where's Shelby??
 There she is! Lil Miss Bucket-head! This is her thing now at least once a day.LOL

Here's some pics of the inside layout of the camper:

We did get our indoor Christmas decorations done but that's a post saved for another day! LOL....:) here's a sneak peak though of my new creation:
Personalized Christmas wreath:

~God bless,

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