Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Woot Woot Wednesday

I decided to bake cupcakes for Shelby to take to Miss  Minna's tomorrow and since it's "Woot Woot Wednesday" what would be more appropriate?

 Sugar owls  CHECK
 Fluted owl cups    CHECK
 33 cupcakes   CHECK (I'm only taking 27 to Minna's...the other 6, well...they "mysteriously" disappeared between me, Josh & Shelby! lol)

Miss Minna's ACTUAL Fall Party is Thursday but Shelby only goes to Miss Minna's on Wednesday's. So HOPEFULLY 27 cupcakes is enough for tomorrow's bunch & Thursday's! Surely!! There's only MAYBE 10 or 12 kids a day!! LOL....

I decided last minute to make Shelby a Halloween Bucket that will also be her Easter Bucket!

 I made it to match her room so it can also serve as decor throughout the year! :) I think it turned out TOOOO cute! The vinyl letters are by, who else, than Shelley from Wonderfully Wordy.
Thanks to Sarah, Shelby's Halloween/Easter Bucket is FINISHED! She so generously provided Shelby's bucket w/ the much added detail of "bling & glitz" to her bucket! And who can resist the owl card!! WOOT WOOT!!! made my day!! thanks girl!!


OH ALSO ONE MORE THING, OUR CHURCH, Immanuel Baptist Church of Magnolia, AR, is having it's annual Trunk or Treat SUNDAY NIGHT starting at 5:30-7pm!! We are located on the bypass across from Walmart! You can't miss us!! Hope to see you there!!

~God bless,

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CindyC said...

Do those cupcakes taste as amazing as they look?!

I love the bucket you made for Shelby; that's a great idea!

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