Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Woot Woot Wednesday


Since I posted the pictures yesterday of the new Halloween Boy Outfit yesterday w/ an owl on it, I thought today, I'd try to post SOMETHING w/ an owl on it, other than my Woot Woot logo of course. For some reason, I am IN LOVE w/ all the owl stuff these days! I've always been fascinated w/ owls and how beautiful they are but it seems like it's become a trend and I DON'T wanna fall into that. However, I did get this in the mail yesterday! :)

Product Image Circo® Love & Nature Quilt Set - Twin
 This is Shelby's new bedroom set for her toddler bed (when it's time!). I wanted to get this before it becomes discontinued. We are going to use, AGAIN, WHEN IT'S TIME, Josh's twin bed from his mom's and paint it white and it will look GORGEOUS in her room! I love that I WILL NOT have to change the colors in her room b/c this has pinks & browns in it! I just love it!! :) This may have owls in it but it's not my "Woot Woot Wednesday".... This is:

Seeing these dusty little footprints made me, not only cry this morning but smile. Shelby had a daddy night last night while I went to see Magnolia Arts put on Steel Magnolias, which if you are in the area, YOU MUST SEE IT! There are 3 more nights (tonight through friday curtain opens at 7pm)! It was great! If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know how much Steel Magnolias means to me, and it was great to see the play! I've read the play and it's neat to see the differences between the play & movie! Ok, so back to the footprints! LOL... OBVIOUSLY Shelby & Daddy must have played outside in the chalked artwork area from last week...I got back from taking Shelby to Miss Minna's today & saw these tiny little toe & foot prints and just melted!! LOL.. it's gonna be hard for me to clean these up!!

~God bless,

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Lana said...

The bedding is adorable! I love the owls! I am determined not to repaint, so I need to find something that goes with my daughter's lavender room--otherwise I would probably end up with this!