Friday, October 15, 2010

Open house

With all the busyness & business of this week, I TOTALLY FORGOT Woot Woot Wednesday so how about today be, Forgot-Woot-Woot-Wednesday-Friday! LOL....

Last night's Open House was fun! Met a lot of nice ladies and got myself out there, which are the reasons I did this in the first place! Ok, I have to interupt myself and type this b/c I'm LITERALLY LOL AT MY LITTLE Toodapot! LOL...She's sittin here eating her cheesy hot dog weenie & goldfish crackers and wanted to play w/ her shoe so I let her and little did I THINK she would put her Goldfish IN HER SHOES and now there are goldfish crackers thrown all over the floor b/c she decided to shake her shoes about! :) silly! We went on a "Nature-walk" while ago and found a pine cone, HUGE maple leaf, some "peep peep" feathers & a pretty berry. LOL...She loved it and so did I! With the way the weather is today, we've been outside more than inside today! We walk every morning (at least 4x a week) through a lovely neighborhood down from us that's a good walk from our home and she just loves all that we see each day! It's a neighborhood that has a small lake in the backyard of the houses and she loves to see the fountains from a distance and all the animals and flowers we see each morning! It's soo peaceful! She's now napping and what tugs at my heart-strings is that not only does she REQUIRE me to still rock her (which I LOVE!) BUT I always hum "Jesus Loves Me" to her and now when I do, she sings w/ me! Today, she was "singing" in her own sweet little tone and tune as well as pattin my face w/ her cheesy-smellin hands! :) LOL... these are moments I DON'T WANNA FORGET or take for granted so I HAD TO
ok, carrying on.... Here's some pics from my display from last night and a few "treats" as well that I have posted on Facebook but not on here yet. If all else fails w/ the halloween costume, I think Rainbow Bright is our alternate!  However,I don't remember Rainbow Bright having a HUMONGOUS Hamster named Patches as her sidekick, do you? LOL

 bows bows & more bows.....OH and flower clips & Poofy Clips!

GO HOGS GO!!! (This was Sunday)

 I just love her smile and personality! It is 90 to nothin 24/7 and I LOVE EVERY EXHAUSTING MINUTE OF IT!! SHE IS DEFINITELY A SPECIAL CHILD W/ A TRUE GIFT FROM GOD! I can't wait to see what God has instore for her life!
Have a great weekend!!
~God bless,

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A Plain Path said...

Just saw your diaper bag and wipe case from this open house, over on Naptime Crafters. Just wanted to tell you I love them! So adorable!! Beautiful job!