Friday, October 1, 2010

Diaper Bag Set WINNER!

So thanks to Amy @ Naptime Crafters, the very 1st Bizzy B's Diaper Bag Set Giveaway was a HUGE SUCCESS! I stalked this giveaway almost daily to see how many entries there actually were (249!!!!) and I WAS SHOCKED!!! Thanks soo much to Amy & her great giveaway & advertising for me!! :) Without further ado, here's the blog post today from Naptime Crafters and THE WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT:
And.... our winner is:
Tara from The Happy Clipper!!! Congrats Tara!! I can't WAIT to hear from you and see what fabrics you choose!! :) Don't forget the guidelines!! :)
As much as I'd liked ALL of these great women to win, there can only be one winner but I DO HOPE to do more giveaway's BUT you can ALWAYS order! My Diaper bag Set is VERY reasonably priced!!

Tara's winning includes a Diaper bag & matching wipe case in the fabrics of her choice (from these designers ONLY: PREMIER PRINTS, AMY BUTLER, or HEATHER BAILEY fabric from
(this is NOT the actual bag & wipe case Tara is getting. This is the style of the two she won. Just wanted to clarify! This is Amanda's ADORABLE bag & case for sweet baby Brock!)

Don't forget to check out the new outfit I'm making!! Taking orders now!! :)

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