Friday, October 22, 2010

I saw God...

Shelby & I go on walks alone every day and that is one of the many highlights of my day but today was special...I saw God... I mean REALLY SAW HIM! I also captured it on my phone!! :)

Amazing is all I can say...these were taken on Lakewood, if you live in Magnolia you know where this is. This neighborhood is sooo peaceful and beautiful and even though Shelby & I walk it every day, I NEVER get tired of how beautiful it is. This glimpse of His goodness really brightened my day. I've been in a lull all week it seems. Just down, no energy, moody, tired, just blaaahhh... NO I'M NOT PREGNANT! just to clarify!
I am soo happy that this weekend is a family weekend! :) Josh is off today (Friday) & we are spending it together and I'm soo happy!!
~God bless,


Amber Dawn said...

Those are really really amazing pictures. I love when you just feel God in the beautiful things he creates!! :)

Mrs. Claus said...


A Plain Path said...

Beautiful!!! I know what you mean about seeing God in His creation. Sometimes I'm just breathless.