Sunday, October 10, 2010

Open House!!

TODAY IS 10-10-10!! I have a feelin a lot of preggo's are wanting their babies to come today or WILL have their babies today! :) LOL...totally random, I KNOW... haha.... This week I will be preparing for the Open House I'm apart of on Thursday here in town at our Lifesmart Building. I'm stoaked, scared & anxious! I am not near as anxious as I was in the past over a festival since this "Open House" will just be to showcase my items and display them and not so much have "stock" to sell. I will have SOME items for sale but major ones like Custom Diaper Bags & Outfits will be by order only b/c the one's I'll have to show are for someone else who's allowing me to showcase them as examples!
I would LOVE to see you come and check out my creations IN PERSON and get to visit and know you! I'm so shocked that I have 80+ followers!! wow!!! I remember when I just had like 2!! LOL...
Oh, here's something fun, what designs/creations would YOU like to see in person?? This will give me a great idea what I should have in person to show verses just photos. :)
Message me your choices!!
I will FOR SURE have these in person to view, YES EVEN MY PAINTING!! (there will be other diaper bags that will be a design of different fabrics but this STYLE of bag & same goes for the clutch...different fabrics but still a vintage clutch):

You'll have to come to see more & what exactly I'll have!! :) Remember, Christmas is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER and Custom orders are MY LIFE!! I LOVE THEM!!! The possibilities ARE ENDLESS!

Here's the info:
Time: Thursday, October 14 · 4:00pm - 7:00pm

Location: Lifesmart building  Magnolia, AR 
Created By: Mary Ellen Green
More Info:  Get a jumpstart on your Christmas Shopping...Shop with 10 different vendors!

Mary Kay Cosmetics
Scentsy: Ashly Voss
Park Lane Jewelry
Pampered Chef: Mary Ellen Green
Tupperware: Trish Carpenter
Cheftate: Glen and Wendy Taylor
Just for Giggles: Jessica Glass
Initially Yours: Jennifer Reynolds
Kaylan Mcwilliams Photography
Bizzy B's-Bekah Kee (that's me :) ) 

If you need more info., message or email me!
~Hope to see/meet you & God bless,

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