Friday, September 10, 2010

New Me To Be & Inspiration

I know most of you, unless you're just genetically unique, struggle w/ weight post-partum but I NEVER DREAMED I'd STILL be struggling with it! I wasn't THAT bad gaining baby weight, I mean I did gain 30 lbs., but I am at my pre-baby weight now but like most new mom's, NOTHING is like before and doesn't "FALL", I DO MEAN FALL....GRAVITY SUX OK!! IT S-U-X!!!!! I have these pockets on my hips I feel like I should open up, add a zipper and AT LEAST use them to carry my keys and lipgloss instead of just stuffin them into my Spanx, WHICH BTW, I AM IN LOVE WITH AND WILL WEAR TILL I DIE! OMG this weight issue slaps me in the face EVERY DAY, but then again, I sit here defeated after having a Pepsi Max ice cream float. :( *Sigh*...I am busy all day w/ Shelby but ya know, I admit, I DO NEED to watch what I eat and my portions and work in at least a walk/cardio. I do have Jillian Michaels Yoga and 30 Day Shred, which I THOUGHT I could stick to doing until I got busy sewing during Shelby's nap and cleaning my house....
After reading Karen's post about her "new me" she's inspired me to do the same! We live in the same town and so we can be accountable to each other but I need others to be accountable of me as well.... I also added one of those neat little ticker's like she has to help. I feel like if I see the loss that I will feel better. LOL....who knows... but 1st, I'm not sure how I'm going to tell my weight loss b/c WE DO NOT OWN A SCALE in our home. I don't know if buying one would be a good idea or not....maybe if I bought one, that would be an accountability/insentive ????
Anyhoo, I put my current weight and what REASONABLE goal I would prefer to weigh and it says I have 20 lbs to lose :(...ugh..... I know I WILL NEVER be a size 2 again but being a size 8 IS NOT ME AND DOES NOT MAKE ME FEEL GOOD. When I say "8" I mean, BARELY...something's I've had to buy in 9's.....which sends me into a downward spiral, crawl in the bed, in the fetal position kinda mood.
so here's the ticker....

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any advice???
~God bless,



Jessica said...

Oh girl! I am in the same boat but with WAY more to lose. I had to go buy a scale a year ago and it has helped. I have lost about 40 pounds and when I see the number creeping up it scares me. That motivates me to get back in the good habits I started. I did to Shake the Weight and had great success, but dont do it consistently now. I think I will add the ticker to my blog as well. I would love to be some sort of partner even though I dont live that close to you! Maybe you could whip my big butt into working out from Magnolia! HA!

Karen said...

Yay! We CAN do this!! We bought a Wii a while back and I got Wii Fit. Unfortunately I'm not too good at making time to get on it an exercise, but I use it to weigh. At least it is useful for something.