Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Bday w/ Ant Bites

Today is my soul mate's 31st Birthday & my little brother's 24th bday!!! Happy Bday "Uncle Bear!"

Josh has been super busy all week w/ work and hasn't had a lot of time to do anything so I'm HOPING to make tonight extra special for him.
Yesterday, Shelby & I were outside while it wasn't a MILLION AND A HALF degrees playin and I was letting her roam (1st mistake)around and she LOVES BIRDS so she was around one of our feeders (2nd mistake) and all the sudden I heard her yelping and she came running over to me and I had no idea what was wrong. She was wailing her arms in the air and I looked down and about had a heart attack! SHE WAS COVERED IN FIRE ANTS TO THE POINT I COULDN'T SEE HER SHOES OR FEET!! THEY WERE EVERYWHERE! They were up her legs, arms, EVERYWHERE!! I got what I could off of her outside and ran w/ her (and my STILL broken toe) inside and immediately striped her down to her diaper all the while killing ants and noticing how bad it was. I managed to get her clothes off in time to save her back, stomach, chest, upper legs & arms. She has a few bites on her arms and only one bite on her stomach but her poor right foot is AWFUL! Her left foot has a few bites as well as her toes but OMG HER RIGHT ANKLE, FOOT & TOES makes me cry! :( I couldn't save her! :( I am so used to her independance that it never occured to me to watch out for ants. Afterall, she and I feed the birds and fill the feeders every week and we never get bit! :( I'm TERRIFIED to let her down outside again. She already had a few bites from playin at Mammy's but OMG THESE ARE HORRIBLE! They are already blistered up and she WON'T LET YOU TOUCH THEM. They don't seem to bother her so we'll see. :('s official... I am a bad mom :(....
Here's proof:
On the upside, she seems fine and hasn't had any unusual behaviors. Just pray!
Back to my hubby's bday,
I love you Josh and you are the best husband and dad to Shelby I could ever dream of! You have been apart of my life for almost 15 years and they have been the best 15 years ever! Being married to you for almost 6 years now has truly been amazing!! Shelby is soo blessed to have you as her daddy and seeing you with her and how much you adore her makes me fall even more in love with you that I thought my heart could!!
I love you & hope you have a great birthday! We are truly thankful to have you in our lives!
~God bless & Happy Friday,


Amber Dawn said...

Oh my goodnes!!! Your poor little pumpkin!!! You are totally not a bad mommie though...I am so going to be on a lookout for those guys now. I had NO idea fire ants were so vicious. :(

Karen said...

You are not a bad mom. I learned after black-eye #2 that we can only protect them so much. I'm glad she doesn't seem bothered by them. I said a little prayer for her last night that she wouldn't be up itching all night.