Wednesday, June 10, 2009

8th day/Game Plan

So I feel a lot better now after talkin w/ my dr's wife, my 2nd momma. She assured me that I would NOT be sent home and that he would not let me suffer through that. He just had to say that I guess. :) Ahhhh... totally ok now... Ok, just had to update. :)

So today is my 8th day on maternity leave and yesterday's dr's appt. was good. Good that we found out the "game plan", not so good b/c I'm STILL not dilated AT ALL, not even the slightest bit! So, the plan is...
We are being admitted to Wadley hospital at 7:30 a.m. Thursday, June 11th to start the induction process! :) Yeah!!! He's gonna insert this pill into my cervix, which I've read and heard about cervidil and pitocin but never a "pill", and I'll have to lie flat on my back for at least an hour then I can sit up or walk around, and after about 3-4 hours doc will check to see what's progressing or not. By then I should be having some contractions THAT SHOULD help me to dilate. He will evaluate that and the baby and depending on how that goes, he'll either let it continue or go to the next step. If the baby is in distress in anyway, he'll opt for a C-section and if she's ok and I'm ok and no progress for a lengthy amount of time, he could send us home and wait it out. OMG, I SOOOO DO NOT WANT THE 3RD OPTION! I was under the assumption there were only 2 options: Induction or C-Section, not "going home w/ her still inside!" OMG... so that's my recent issue/worry. Please pray that the meds work or that if they don't I can convince him to just do a c-section b/c I CANNOT take another week or day like this. I AM BEYOND MY BREAKING POINT AND TOLERANCE LEVEL OF DISCOMFORT. I know I'm complaining but yesterday it was 91 degrees so to me, that's 191 degrees and to top that off, I'M 10 MONTHS PREGNANT AND NOW 1 DAY OVER MY DUE DATE so I think I have the right to complain a little...
Today's agenda, as much as I don't want to do any of this and just lie on the couch all day, is to clean the house b/c WE KNOW there will be TONS of visitors and I don't do well w/ visitors and a messy house; clean out the left-over-dishes in the refrigerator AND make a bumper for the 100 year old cradle my parents brought over that was my grandpa's cradle that he, my mom, my uncle, me, my brother and pretty much every child that was dedicated into the church up until 10 years ago were all rocked in. My mom made sheets for it and I'm making a bumper for it b/c the bars are too far apart and her head and limbs could fall between them and we don't want that. She's gonna sleep in it in our room for the first few weeks. It's beautiful and in EXCELLENT condition! I'll take a pic of her in it. It'll be more beautiful that way!
Well, today's my last post for a bit, I'm afraid. I'm not taking my laptop to the hospital b/c I feel like we're "moving in" there already w/ the suitcase, toiletry bags, breast pump bag, boppy pillow, diaper bag, and 2 pillows... that would be one more added bag and too much! So, we are taking the blackberry and so if you have a facebook, we'll be updating on there, I'm sure! Look me up (Bekah Kee)! Several of you have already and thanks for that! PRAY PRAY PRAY.... that's my last request!
~God bless and HOPEFULLY will be posting next w/ a baby in my arms,


Sabrina said...

Best of luck Bekah!

Jodi said...

Best wishes for a blessed delivery!