Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bday Prep

Shelby's 3rd, man that's hard to say, birthday party is JUST AROUND THE CORNER....June 9th is her party but her actual bday is June 12th at 7:54a.m.  So far her festivities are coming along smoothly!
I've got the venue rented, plates, napkins and such ordered, fabrics ordered for me to make her outfit, invitations almost done, decor ideas narrowed down, and the invite list filled to the gills!!
I'm having a hard time deciding which invite I wanna go with.....but I"m getting family to help me w/ that.. I've added a new picture of S to it but waiting to show you til they are printed and mailed out! :)
However, I will show you the fabrics I've got ordered... :)

Curious?????? I can tell you this, I have to make her pants because of her venue, but it won't be lacking in ANY summer cuteness! I'm soo excited!!!! The only part I'm not making, which is shocker, I know but this was too cute NOT to order, is her bow.....
Special Thanks to Livi's SweetnSassy Bowtique for making this! Can't wait to get it!!!

 It's gonna be soo cute w/ Shelby's outfit! :) I'm itching for these fabrics to come in and start on her outfit! :) I've NEVER made her a bday outfit and this year IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN!!! OMG I've not sewn since BEFORE CHRISTMAS AND I'M DYING!!!!

I also get to sew this sweet darling her 1ST BIRTHDAY outfit!!

 She's getting a "TUTU CUTE" outfit with Hootie Owls!! :) Stay tuned!! Her bday is in July! :)
Love you Ashley C and OF COURSE Baby Raylee!

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