Thursday, November 5, 2009

Life-long cute-ness

I am a very involved member of the forum and have been since we started struggling w/ infertility and I needed medical advice and answers and reading the book over and over did no good or help so I found help and advice in women I have never met or even talked to. I have made 3 lifelong friends from this forum from the almost 2 years ago I joined. Ali, Crystal and Nichole are 3 women I can call/text any hour of the night or day and cry to/with or laugh or be silly with and I've only spoke to Ali a few times and Crystal and Nichole I've never spoke to. I have also met new and wonderful "June 2009 Mommas" and am building relationships with them as well....with all that said, two June Bug mommas ordered bows and I've got one more order from another June momma that I'll soon start on for big bows and flowers. Anyhoo...God places people in our lives for a reason and I'm thankful for my online friends who are and have been closer than any person, other than Josh, in a long time and we've never even met or seen each other in person. These bows were made for women I've never met, yet they are made with love and the up-most cute-ness in mind!

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