Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Woot Woot to new 1st's!

This week is a crazy week and will have AT LEAST 3 BLOG POSTS! I KNOW?! WHAT?!! LOL... yea, well it's been a busy week so far and it's just Wednesday and it's only gettin busier! The big birthday bash is THIS SATURDAY so we're gearing up for that, as well as a wedding in Texarkana that night, and CrossPoint singing Sunday night in Texarkana.... busy busy...
This post is dedicated to some new FIRSTS of Sheebs.. Monday, she had her first day of a week of swimming lessons as well as her very first dentist appointment (I'll blog about the dentist tomorrow)!
She did great at swimming lessons! Thank you Miss Kimmy and Miss Cassie for being such great teachers to our little tadpole!

Since I had an idea in my head and realized I had some time to sew with shelby wanting to help me out, I went for it and this new Mermaid Towel turned out sooo cute! Not only was it because it was her first day of Swimming lessons and she had to look cute, but it's also for her Bubble Guppies birthday extravaganza goin on this weekend! :) She LOOOVES THIS! I hardly ever make her anything and when I do, she just adores it! I've gotta get workin on some more stuff for this child!
I had this fabric left over and LOVE how it looks like mermaid scales!

it wraps around her chest and closes with velcro

Finally got my machine to cooperate with how I want my applique stitching to look so I went for it and her "S" turned out sooo cute! added some vintage buttons and rhinestones for added flair of course!
I just love our little mermaid! :) I can't believe she'll be 4 on June 12th and that we're celebrating this saturday! seems like yesterday I was still pregnant wondering when she was coming or IF SHE WAS COMING AT ALL.... stubborn.. lol...

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