Thursday, June 6, 2013

1st Dentist Appointment!

Boy and I one proud momma!! I had a dentist appointment for any cleaning and this was the 2nd time I took Sheebs with me and this time she wanted to get hers looked at and cleaned too! I was elated and allowed it! She had a blast!  I don't mind the dentist but her daddy, HATES IT!!

Look how many teeth I have mommy!
Miss Lori did such a good job on mommy's teeth that Sheebs was elated to get her turn! She also got a cool little pouch full of goodies! She got a new purple toothbrush, tooth paste she didn't like but I did so she let me have it :), a sticker, some floss she said Daddy needed LOL, a spikey ring and a little tooth treasure box for when she loses her teeth to put it in for the Tooth Fairy! She also got a "free ice cream" coupon for McDonald's and a Sonic Gift Card fr Dr. Beene himself! I told them to bribe Josh like this and maybe he will like them more.. LOL... Doubt it!
all ready! She's not scared a bit!
Miss Lori counted her teeth, checked them, cleaned them and then it was all done!
Dr. Beene even said how great her teeth are! He was pleased with the spacing, which I was concerned about, but said the more space they have w/ baby teeth the better because that means the teeth that come in will have the room they need! :) I didn't know that..
I'm so glad she wasn't afraid and sooo thankful for Dr. Beene and his amazing staff for making it a fun day for her! She loved it and felt sooo calm! :)


Bettye Primm said...

Your daughter looks like a little fairy in that outfit! Introducing your child to the dentist is the best way to erase their fear. Continue guiding Sheebs' on proper oral health care so that she won't experience any dental problems in the future.

~Bekah said...

Thanks sooo much Bettye ! She had a blast and loves the dentist and how fun it is!