Sunday, January 17, 2010


So I'm behind on my blogging so I've GOT TO try to be better at it. :) Anyhoo, this weekend started off rough...Shelby had her 6 month shots on friday (even though she's 7 months) and those made her fussy and then Josh went home sick w/a stomach bug so I was having to play nurse all afternoon friday and all day saturday. Josh is better today and went to lead worship at church and Shelby and I stayed home b/c she's had a runny nose. It's so nice out today that we went for a walk. See how her poor little eyes are. They've been soo gooey but are a lot better today but are still gorgeous and heart-melting!

well, the greatest thing is gonna start tomorrow... construction for our playroom!!! We are enclosing our back porch and it'll be around 200 sq ft. I AM SOOO PUMPED b/c i'm also gettin FREE REIGN OF DECOR!! A BFF of mine is helpin me w/ the decor from her home in Indiana so it'll be a lot of cell pics messaged back and forth but will be fabulous! I don't wanna reveal the ideas just yet to the world but it is also gonna be a sewing space for me too! :)

I'm back taking orders for bags and bows and a new handbag design that's gonna be soo amazing! Look for pics to come!
Leave ya with this:

LOL...her new favorite thing, BATH TIME!
~God bless,

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rae said...

Shelby is beautiful!!