Sunday, January 31, 2010

Playroom progress & Giveaway Results!

Well, the room is painted, the ceilin fan is up & the floors are etched....we've gotta stain them tonight! the leak(s) did not ruin/damage the sheet rock, WOOHOO!! The wall color is called "Wicker" but is a medium-toned khaki. :) The ceilin fan globe is beautiful! It's irredescent colored like a rainbow but not crazy! LOL.. soo beautiful! :) We will stain the floor tonight, probably get the floor molding in this week and touch-ups and the fun begins!! we are more than likely goin this weekend to get the antique furniture from my grandpas house this weekend :) soo stoaked!!
ok so i'm sure you're more concerned about the giveaway results. LOL... here goes: all had excellent guesses but no one, well other than Shelley, guessed what it is but Shelley was shown the actual item b/c I was showing her a trade randomly chose...OH, THIS IS WHAT THE ACTUAL PICTURE ITEM looks like:

The left item is a sole, the right item is the top of a shoe!!
And this is what the finished product looks like:

I know this was a tough one!!! Sorry... :(
But the pic is of these cute shoes cut out to become baby shoes, BIZZY B'S NEW ITEM! These are sewn 90% by hand.... I can do NB - 12 month size for now but can also do additional sizes if you like :) The ones cut out are not sewn together yet and can be adorned w/ any item on the toes. The pink & white ones are for sale or if the winner likes, can be their prize! Otherwise, the winner has a choice of the brown and cream swirl fabric for the shoes. The pink & white ones are 6-9 month size. Shelby's feet are too big for them so I'm guessing a size 1 b/c she can wear a size 2. If the winner has no need for baby shoes, I am willing to work something out for the prize! ok......and the winner is....
The DeLongstockings!!!
who wrote: " The DeLongstockings said...
I'm guessing a personalized banner or bib? Sheesh! This is hard :) Can't wait to find out what your latest creation is Bekah!"

Congrats!!! Thank you to all of you who actually commented and left sweet compliments & comments. Shelley, if you had a LO who could wear the shoes, I'd send ya some anyway! LOL...
"The DeLongstockings", Please email me/ message me your contact info and I'll be sure to send your handmade item!!! Please do so by Wed. otherwise, I will chose another winner randomly. :) I tried to find your blog but couldn't. :(

Thanks again y'all for ur compliments and comments!
This was fun and I'll be doin another one real soon, not as hard though this next time... OH, and I am taking orders for baby shoes now! I can also make these styles:

These are patternsthat I HAVE PURCHASED , I DID NOT create the style, but I have altered the design as my own. I do not own these pictures nor this idea but I have made the shoes my own design, for those of you who have seen these on Etsy before :). Just wanted to clarify I do not own this idea. :)
~God bless,


The Real Housewife of Bowie County said...

Bekah I am in love with your new play room! I hope you guys are doing great! Little Shelby is growing so fast!

jill said...

LOVE the playroom color!!!! can't wait to see the floors done... i'm sure they'll be beautiful! and the shoes are presh ... you're SO talented!

The DeLongstockings said...

These little baby shoes are absolutely adorable! You are so talented Bekah!