Thursday, January 28, 2010

No More Construction!!! BLog #1 of Jan. 28

I HAVE TO show you Shelby's BFF, well they've never met but have seen each other's pics before..This is my BFF's, Nichole, daughter Cambry. She is 8 days younger than Shelby. She's the one I met on the What to Expect When Expecting website forums and we talk EVERYDAY almost and send pics and texts. Even though we've never met, we are definitely sisters at heart! She's also the one that came up w/the playroom decor ideas!

So the playroom is construction FREE!! Well, not from us though... Josh primed the ceiling last night and installed, what he could, of the ceiling fan/light. For some reason, the ring that covers the outside of the fan motor would not stay on so he and his dad will figure that out tonight but O M G...this room is gonna be fabulous!! I am soo excited!! Here's last night's pics...

Yes, the little lighted tree stays up all year long. There are two of them, one on either side of our fireplace. Yes, i need to take the fake snow and poinsettas off of them and take down my mantel garland and berries and outside garland and berries and lantern bows but DO NOT JUDGE ME... I am still celebrating Christmas in my heart and at my front door and fireplace :)..are you? :) LOL...
The "nook" where the remaining window and brick is, is the Bizzy Bs area. :) I am taking just that small area for my things. I am not going to store my fabrics out there b/c, well, that in itself is a WHOLE OTHER ADDITION. LOL I've taken up one whole side of our floor to ceiling shelves in our guest room closet of JUST fabrics! LOL.. again, DO NOT JUDGE...collecting fabric does not add pounds or harm to my health so I see it as a healthy, safe, addiction :) judgement :)....
We are going to finish the ceiling fan installation, probably prime the walls and go pick out our wall paint the rest of this week and weekend. I'm HOPING by the weekend to have it all painted and ready for me to decorate. We also still have to clean and stain the concrete. Not too sure how long that's gonna take but that's a "man job" so I'm stayin outta that! :)
OH, and I got Josh to agree, I was asked by a fellow blogger/church sister/friend how big the whip was I was crackin at Josh b/c she wanted to borrow it for her husband (LOL), to this too for this part of the wall by the window as u look into the room from the great room:

NOT THE WHITE, OR THE COLORS OR THE CHAIR RAILING AS MUCH AS I LOVE ALL OF THIS PICTURE, but the WALL VINYL! :) It's gonna be chocolate brown with 4 slate blue/gray blue birds. We are going to apply 3 of the birds for now for the 3 of us and then MAYBE when there's a "4th lil bird" we'll add the other. NO "lil birds" in thought yet, AT, this is just a pic I borrowed to send to my friend who did this vinyl for us(the April 17th post), if you remember and have read my blog a while, to see what she can do for us. I LOVE her work and want to support my fellow creative-chicas as much as possible so Shelley was my 1st thought when I saw this. :) I can't wait to see her work and get it all on the wall!! Oh, this is where it's gonna go:

LOL yes, I used the silly Paint program to do
I'll be sure to take pics of our progress!!
OH, I sewed 1 of the 1st new items Bizzy Bs is gonna offer last night! :) Hee hee!! sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!
~God bless,

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