Thursday, January 21, 2010

ThoughtFULLLL Thursday

Today I am FULL of thoughts, as the header I am amazed at how far our construction has come on our new addition/enclosure of our back porch into a Shelby Playroom/Bizzy Bs sewing Nook. They got the ceiling sheet rock hung and mudded today so that's the only newness that's not in these pics below. It's gonna be sooo nice! I can't wait to have floor space back in our great room and a place to call, well a little corner of a room to call, my very own! :) I also can't wait to start the decorating process that Nichole is sooo graciously gonna help me do all the way from of cell phone picture texts will be sent her way! LOL...
This is the progress so far... They did all this Monday & Tuesday, yesterday's HORRIFIC storm set them back, and then today's progress was just ceiling sheet rock so it's not impressive enough to take a pic of but look for more updates to come!
Our back porch BEFORE:

Transforming into a Playroom!!

There are going to be 3 windows connected together in the "framed window area", not one HUGE ONE...safer that way....The window on the right that already exists will remain and the door to the left is going to be taken out for it to be an open walkway from the living area/great room right into the playroom. :)

Change of subject....
Well, Bizzy Bs is kicking off again... I've got a new diaper bag order in the works, a FABULOUS new flower hair clippy that is totally new and gonna be soo cute (Thx Ashley C. for your order!), and a BRANDE NEW handbag design that I CAN'T WAIT TO START on that will be known as the "C & S vintage line." This new line is a thoughtFULL colaboration that Nichole and I thought up some time ago. She makes the most FABULOUS antique jewelry pieces and vintage dangles that she and I thought would make a wonderful addition to a new and vintage handbag. SO, she's making the jewels and I'm makin the bag. The "C" of "C & S" comes from her daughter who is 8 days younger than Shelby, is named, Cambry and the "S" is well, duh...for "Shelby"... here's a preview of what's to looking for this new handbag! it's a whole new shape, style and overall look than I've ever done before and it's gonna be FABULOUS!! :)Not tellin you where the prints are going, how they'll be arranged or used, or even what the FABULOUS piece of custom-vintage-jewelry that Nichole made HERSELF is going..just gotta wait! Use your imagination ;)...

STAY TUNED!! Bizzy Bs is gettin VERY BIZZY!! LOL... Can't wait to finish these amazing ideas filling my head!!

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