Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Needin new do

So my dear friend Mollie has started a blog topic on hair advice called "Hair Today to Help". I love the catchy name btw Mollie ;)! Anyhoo.. i asked her for some advice on needing a new do. I want my hair long still b/c it's easier for me to manage and fix and plus short hair is just not cute on me, to me it isn't. I do want something new, pretty, manageable and versitile and SHE HIT THE NAIL ON THE HEAD! YOU GO GIRL! She suggested this and I love the ideas! I really like the Carrie Underwood look the best! I also LOVE her color and I used to be that color, if you can imagine! LOL... I was a blonde blonde from about 6th grade till my junior year of college when I decided to go natural. Everyone thought I dyed my hair but nope, I just stopped dying it. LOL... So....what do y'all think?? Any advice or other ideas on a "new Bizzy Bs do?" I wanna go see my fav hairdresser, Joana, at New Creations soon, if I can get an appointment and I like to take things to show and give her some ground to expand on! She does EXCELLENT WORK AND I CAN'T WAIT! I love your feedback so any advice, links, pictures, etc...is welcomed!
OH, a little set back on the Playroom...we have had the construction guys back to make sure the water doesn't come up under the walls again so we've not been able to stain the concrete yet. It is etched and ready to go but no progress just yet. We also are going to purchase the flat screen TV/DVD for the wall to mount in the corner towards the top, like dr.'s offices do. We don't want little hands getting it so we installed electrical outlets up there near where it will go :). Shelby & I are also going to stay w/ my parents in Texarkana Friday night (Josh has a function in Little Rock) and then Josh is coming Saturday and we are going to look through grandpa's things for items for the playroom. It'll be hard but soo rewarding to have pieces he and my grandma used and loved living on in our home.
I STILL NEED The DeLongstockings!!! TO MESSAGE OR EMAIL ME YOUR INFO SO I CAN SEND YOU OR WORK ON YOUR PRIZE FROM THE GIVEAWAY!! If I don't hear from you by Wednesday (I'll check my messages Thursday a.m.), I'll have to randomly select another winner :(!! :(
~God bless,


Mollie said...

Glad to help out such a good friend!! You know- it doesn't matter how much you change your hair- YOU MY FRIEND are a beautiful person both inside & out!!

The DeLongstockings said...


I was just catching up on your blog and saw that I was listed as your giveaway winner!!! That's awesome :) I totally understand if I'm too late...it's just been a busy week. The playroom looks like it's really coming together now. Can't wait to see the finished product!