Friday, February 26, 2010

Go Team Go

No, I am not an OSU fan but this momma/family obviously is! Kelly ordered this outfit for her wee one to wear to show her team spirit and I HOPE it's a success! I shipped this off yesterday and can't wait to see the little one in it!
Not in ANY way my favorite choice of colors (Too close to Texas! Love you Mollie anyway!) and my high school rivalry (Texas High), but overall, a cutesy little girly outfit! It's a simple pillowcase dress w/ some pleated ruffles at the bottom. The top can be worn for a very long time (size 12m) b/c it can be adjusted (by however tight or loose the ribbon ties are tied) to be a shirt or a dress. Eventually it will no longer be able to be a dress so it can be a shirt to be worn w/ some cute jeans or pants! The ruffled pants are made to hit right below the knee (customer's preference). I usually make them floor-length but this momma wanted them a bit more springy! Now that I see the pics, I should have taken my blue bow off my dress form. lol...
This outfit can be made in ANY fabrics of choice. I do order my fabrics online so I can get just about any team, print, have in mind. This outfit is a package deal w/ the pants/capris, top/dress & a matching bow/bows.
~God bless,

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