Friday, February 12, 2010

Snowy 8 Month day

(8 months ago Feb. 12th. i'm a little late blogging's 9:39pm here)
Well, 8 months ago, this is what I looked like (i was actually 38 weeks in this pic):

My facial expression I think gives an idea of my state of mind and comfort level. I felt like my skin was going to break like a stretched out rubber band! LOL... I have the stretch marks to prove it too! But, then this arrived....
1st time we met:

1st Diaper change:

1st time I held her:

1 day old:

1st night home:

2 weeks old:

AND...*ok so i'm full of tears now seeing how much she's changed since then* we are today on our 8 month birthday w/ our 1st big snow!!
Shelby in her "Uncle Bear" bear snow outfit (uncle bear is my brother and he gave her this for Christmas for when we "have snow" i LOL but guess we did get snow!)

And yes, I LOOK ROUGH! No shower, rolled outta bed...up WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY too early thanks to my 2 early birds (Josh & Shelby) so deal w/ the nastyness of my yesterday make-up and ratty ponytail...Shelby & Josh look great!

What an amazing life God has given us and how truly blessed we are to have such a healthy, happy, amazing family!
Nighty night & God bless...oh and ALL THE SNOW here is TOTALLY gone :(
~God bless,

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