Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Hair :)

So.... I LOVE MY NEW DO!! Joana at New Creations here in Magnolia is THE BEST and I've trusted her for years to just "do her magic" and O M G.. I'M IN LOVE! I love the new color! It's auburn & dark chocolate and I think it makes my skin color look better. My hair has not seen color in over 8 years and I am officially back on the "color train" for good b/c THIS IS MY NEW FAV!
Before (ugh...badddddd pic)


What cha think? The red & dark chocolate is very subtle but makes an overall hair color change. Joana knows JUST HOW to make it work! I think next time I'll go drastic but doing the unknown the first time, I AM VERY PLEASED! So, anytime you're in Magnolia and need a "new do" or an "updated do" go see her! Joana at New Creations 870-901-1000 right on the square!
~God bless,


Krissy said...

nice! i had mine done Friday too, I should do a before and after as well because my last hair appt was like 6 mos. ago

Allison said...

Love it Bekah! The style AND the color! Isn't amazing how much better a good hair cut makes you feel?????

jill said...

gorgeous! love it!!!!

Darlene said...

Your do is cute!! Looks great around your face.

The Real Housewife of Bowie County said...

Very cute! I am loving the color on you!