Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So this is the beautiful bracelet my friend Nichole gave me for my birthday! I love it! It's vintage-like and chunky and SOOO ME! It's also a good teething toy for Shelby, so I found out this a.m.! lol...
I finished 1 of a million projects last night but I can't show you just yet b/c the person it's for reads the blog and it's a surprise! ;) lol...
I've only got to complete this month: V-day gift for Nichole (Cambry's is done ;) her daugther I've mentioned before that's 8 days younger than Sheebee), a dress w/ a bow to match (mom's workin on the pants), wipe case, flamingo bow, zebra bow and something else I can't quite remember what it is...hope it comes to me! LOL..
~God bless,

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